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Fiji Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

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Shopping is a pleasant pastime in Fiji, especially for visitors with a love for arts and crafts. Traditional markets spring up in just about every town and village here and the range of products available is incredible.

While many people gravitate towards the markets to purchase handicrafts, the best quality products can be found in the private shops as they select the best quality merchandise directly from the producers in the outlying villagers.

Some of the most popular purchases include tapa cloth, carved bowls, black pearls, woven goods and replicas. Visitors should bear in mind that while bartering is common practice in market places, it is unacceptable in privately run shops.

Cummings Street

Located in Suva, this is a great place to pick up a bargain or two. Just about anything and everything can be purchased on this street, and experienced barterers will be able to get large discounts on a range of goods such as clothes, electronics and handicrafts.

Suva Municipal Handicraft Centre

Situated in the heart of Suva to the left of the fruit and vegetable markets, these vibrant markets sell collections of handmade items such as wooden carvings, straw goods and Fijian handicraft souvenirs.


Beach Street

Located on the island of Levuka, the shops here sell a brightly colored collection of second-hand clothes. Most of the garments here come from Australia and bargain hunters will be able to find plenty of low priced items here.

Savusavu Bay

This is the best place to buy Fijian black pearls as they are brought to shore from the waters surrounding the bay. When shopping for pearls, it is important to look closely as the quality varies as widely as the prices.