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Queenstown Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

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Queenstown has a fantastic selection of restaurants for such a small town and every where is virtually within walking distance. There are well over 100 eateries here with choice of food going from the very best New Zealand lamb and seafood, to Pan-Asian cuisine, Middle Eastern snacks, fine French and Italian food, and the best of British.

Downtown Queenstown is where it's at, including along The Mall, nearby Shotover and Beach streets, and the waterside Steamer Wharf. In addition, there are myriad alleys tucked out the way with bring your own alcohol options, as well as a highly rated food court within O'Connell's Shopping Center.

Queenstown Mall

This pedestrianized mall is the heart of Queenstown and has some of the best eating and the most convenient shopping. There are cafés and bars either side of the street, along with full-service sit-down restaurants. Most places along here will require booking in-season.

Shotover Street

Shotover Street is a few blocks north of The Mall (just a few hundred feet) and is the second best street option for eating in town. It is the main thoroughfare and sports a selection of cheap eats as well as some of the biggest bars.

O'Connell's Shopping Center

O'Connell's is the main shopping center in Queenstown and has good eating at its food court. It is located at the junction of Camp Street and Beach Street and also comes with a decent range of shops.

Steamer Wharf

Some of Queenstown's best restaurants can be found at Steamer Wharf, which has waterfront views and fine dining. One such top-ender is Wai Waterfront Seafood Restaurant. It does a seven-course spread and has a good selection of wines.

Bob's Peak

The ultimate dining in Queenstown can be had several hundred feet above the lake at the Skyline Gondola Restaurant. They do lunchtime and evening buffets for a 'Taste of New Zealand', and although prices are on the steep side, the views are awesome. There are also several attractions up here, including a bungee jump.

Sofitel Hotel

The Sofitel Hotel on Duke Street features several excellent, independent eateries. They include the likes of Chop Chop, for fast, no-mess Asian food, the Indian Spicy Bites restaurant, and the Italian Fatz Cat for pizza. Vie Brasserie has a degustation menu and is the Sofitel's own. 

Queenstown restaurants

Skyline Gondola Restaurant
Brecon Street
Phone: +64 3 441 0101
Queenstown's most popular high-end restaurant, the Skyline Gondola Restaurant, resides in the lookout point of Bob's Peak and is accessible via the Skyline Gondola. It does lavish lunches and dinners and the views are simply unbeatable. Luckily, the restaurant is large and can seat hundreds of diners. 

Dux de Lux 
14-16 Church Street 
Phone: +64 3 442 7745
Dux de Lux is an award-winning restaurant with some fantastic New Zealand-inspired dishes featuring all-kiwi ingredients and creativity. The wine menu is fairly extensive and there is also a microbrewery onsite, plus you can dine indoors, out in the garden or facing the street. 

Boardwalk Seafood Restaurant & Bar
Steamer Wharf, Beach Street
Phone: +64 3 442 5630
Located down on Steamer Wharf, Boardwalk Seafood Restaurant & Bar has been around since the mid-1990s and is known for its seafood, steaks and attention to detail. The seafood platters and roasted rack of lamb are big draw points. 

Wai Waterfront Restaurant
Steamer Wharf, Beach Street
Phone: +64 3 442 5969
Wai Waterfront Restaurant is another of Steamer Wharf's top eats—wai, meaning water in the Maori tongue. The oysters are perfectly fresh and are the main eat here, along with venison, beef and lamb. The waterside setting adds further appeal. 

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