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Macau Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

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Dining in Macau is an interesting experience as traditional Chinese flavors are infused with the Portuguese influence to create a wide range of dishes that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Cantonese cuisine is popular and those on a tight budget will be able to dine cheaply at street stalls. Some of the most popular Cantonese dishes include dim sum and pork noodle soup, while those wishing to sample Portuguese dishes should try fried bacalhau balls, steamed bacalhau with seafood and Portuguese egg tarts.

The majority of the restaurants in this part of the world are located in the Macau Peninsular and diners here really are spoilt for choice as there is a wide range of restaurants here offering dishes from all over the world. However, there are some excellent restaurants to be found on the islands, which serve fresh seafood and local cuisine, while gourmet cuisine is available in the up market restaurants on Cotai.

Macau Peninsular

There are a huge number of eateries here, ranging from street stalls to world-class hotel restaurants. Chinese and Portuguese cuisine is widely available here and a few restaurants offer food from places such as France and Italy.


Most of the restaurants here are rather pricy as they are located in the island's luxurious hotels and casinos. Cheap meals can be found in the food courts, which can be found in a few of the largest shopping malls.


While there are few cheap place to dine here, those in search of gourmet cuisine will be able to dine on traditional Chinese and Portuguese dishes, served in restaurants with stunning harbor views.


Although dining doesn't come cheap here, it can be an interesting experience. Perhaps the most popular options are the large gourmet buffet restaurants, which serve international cuisine such as Japanese and Thai.

Macau restaurants

Wong Chi Kei
17 Largo do Senado, Macau Peninsular.
Phone: + 853 2331 313
Diners in search of cheap and tasty dishes of noodles and wontons head to Wong Chi Kei as this popular restaurant is open late into the night. This is a particular popular place to eat after a few beers.

512 Rua da Praia Grande, Macau Peninsula
Phone: +853 2888 1881
Feeding hungry diners for the last 40 years, this is Macau's oldest Portuguese restaurant. This is a great place to eat in the evening and the restaurant's specialty is the authentic African chicken dish.

Pousada de Coloane
Praia de Cheoc Van, Colane Island
Phone: +853 2888 2143
Diners at the Pousada de Coloane are treated to large portions of home-style Portuguese cuisine served in a stunning location facing the picturesque Cheoc Van Beach. This is an excellent place to eat as the sun slowly sets.

888 Gourmet Place
203 Largo de Monte Carlo, Sands Macau Hotel, Cotai
Phone: +853 2888 3388
Located in one of Cotai's most glamorous casinos, the 888 Gourmet Place offers diners a selection of culinary styles, with favorites including sushi, Japanese noodles and Thai curries.

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