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Where to stay in Serbia – a neighborhood guide

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Whether it’s views of splendid architecture or stunning vistas of Serbia’s rugged terrain, one thing’s for sure: you can’t go too far wrong when it comes to choosing where to stay. With a varied range of luxury city hotels suited for that special occasion, affordable hill-top retreats and everything in between, visitors are in the fortunate position of being assured of finding something to suit both itinerary and budget.

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Frenetic, resurgent and full of intrigue, Belgrade has enough character to require an extended stay. Displaying historic monuments and magnificent architecture, as well as trendy clubs, restaurants and international shopping, the capital ingeniously combines old with new, satisfying all the possible needs of the everyday traveler.


Hotels in Belgrade


Adopting some of the city’s grand historic buildings, many of the high-end hotels are a perfect match for their exterior splendour, providing top quality service to match. With its developing tourist industry, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives, with quirky modern hostels and affordable rental apartments being viable options for backpackers.


Novi Sad


With surrounding national parks, monasteries, vineyards, castles and the picturesque Danube River, it is little wonder why Serbia’s second largest city is becoming so popular. The northern capital itself is steeped in history and culture, with fine architecture from a range of periods dotted throughout the metropolis. As well as catering to the modern crowd with a variety of contemporary events such as Exit Festival, Novi Sad makes for a perfect alternative to its bigger brother, Belgrade.


Hotels in Novi Sad


As expected, travelers can find a fantastic range of hotels providing the outstanding service and hospitality that the Serbs are so proud of. For those on a smaller budget, the city caters excellently, with numerous reasonably priced hostels offering clean and convenient accommodation.




Located in the south eastern region, Niš is an important transport gateway to the Balkans and Europe. Fashioned by evocative history, many tourists come to see the poignant monuments of Mediana, Red Cross Concentration Camp and the city’s own Fortress. Set against an unspoilt landscape of mountains and gorges, Niš encapsulates all the Serbia is famed for.


Hotels in Niš


Accommodation in Niš largely follows the same formula as Belgrade, with hotels and hostels occupying convenient locations, allowing visitors plenty of time to experience the city’s extensive cultural heritage.


Ethno village


Offering the perfect remedy to the tourist trap, ethno-villages are popping up all over the rural countryside of Serbia. A chance to sample traditional Serbian life, guests can participate in a range of cultural workshops all centred on artisan crafts. Typically set among the idyllic, alpine pastures these innovative villages provide visitors the chance to become actively involved in a community, offering not only a unique place to stay, but guarantee an unforgettable experience.