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Fun on the Sand, Scenic Splendor, and Exciting Events - What to See and Do in Lorne

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Lorne has been a beloved beach vacation spot for over century, and you’ll find everything you’d expect in the way of seaside holiday fun. The wilderness of Great Otway National Park and the rugged coastline mean you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to escape the crowds and appreciate the natural beauty in peace.

A family day out at Lorne Beach


Lorne Beach’s flat, fine sands and gentle waves make it an ideal beach for a family day out. If you’re not keen on the breakers, there’s sheltered swimming at the mouth of the Erskine River. Lorne Sea Baths offers lots of fun for kids, with bumper boats, aqua orbs, and trampolines. While the youngsters are busy you can do something good for yourself with a salt therapy session. Beach Pavilion, right on the sand, is a great spot for breakfast after a morning jog, or a deli-style meal after an invigorating swim.


  • Lorne Sea Baths, 81 Mountjoy Parade, Lorne VIC 3232; Tel: +61 3 5289 2077; Website: Lorne Sea Baths

  • Lorne Beach Pavilion, 81 Mountjoy Parade, Lorne VIC 3232; Tel: +61 3 5289 2882; Website: Lorne Beach Pavilion

The Great Ocean Walk


If you’d prefer to step off the Great Ocean Road and experience the coast’s rugged beauty with the wind on your face and the ground beneath your feet, the Great Ocean Walk is a must. This 100-kilometer route leads you through national parks teeming with wildlife, over deserted beaches, and past historic shipwreck sites. If you’d rather do it in bite-size chunks, the path is divided into smaller sections that can be covered in a few hours. If you’d like an old hand to show you the way, Surf Coast Walks offers guided treks.


  • The Great Ocean Walk, Lorne Visitor Information Centre, 15 Mountjoy Parade, Lorne VIC 3232; Tel: +61 3 5289 1152; Website: The Great Ocean Walk

  • Surf Coast Walks; Tel: +61 1300 5263 1528; Website: Surf Coast Walks


Walk the treetops of Great Otway National Park


For a fresh perspective on the verdant rain forest of Great Otway National Park, the "Treetop Walk" gives you a bird’s-eye view. You’ll walk along a level walkway as the ground gradually drops away, until you emerge through the ferns to the tranquility of the canopy. At 25 meters above the ground, you’ll enjoy a close-up of the forest’s flora and fauna. For an adrenalin-rush rainforest experience, the "Zip Line Tour" lets you glide between “cloud stations” on a steel cable 30 meters above the forest floor.



Exploring the Lorne coast on horseback


The saddle makes a great vantage point for taking in the breathtaking coastal scenery around Lorne. There are tours for both novices and experienced riders that range from an hour-long canter to longer treks. The "Fairhaven Beach Ride" takes you through Great Otway National Park to the firm sand at the ocean's edge. The "Ridge Track Ride," starting at Aireys Inlet, a 20-minute drive north of Lorne, is ideal for beginners. You’ll love the panoramic views up and down the coastline.



Lorne's busy event calendar


Lorne has a host of regular events that are worth timing your visit for. January is sports time: 4,000 swimmers take to the water for the 1.2-kilometer “Pier to Pub” race. There’s also the “Mountain to Surf” run, and the Lorne Surf Boat Race. December's Falls Music & Arts Festival showcases big-name alternative rock acts, along with dance, comedy, theatre, and more. Lorne Film Festival brings Australian and international movies to the venerable Lorne Theatre in November. Lorne Arts Festival in August presents theatre, cabaret, and concerts, along with free street events.