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A guide to the Greek Islands - golden beaches, ancient ruins and rustic flavors

The Greek Islands are a rich mosaic of sun-kissed landscapes, fresh foods and vast culture set amongst the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. Moving between islands is easy as skipping stones thanks to constant ferries, and the ancient culture is evident with an outlandish amount of museums and archeological wonders. Water sports are popular among all the islands with a variety of beaches of all colors and textures as well as lush valleys, mountains and romantic cities.

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An Athens city guide – architecture, history, culture and Olympic legacy

Athens could be considered the mother of western civilisation. Every year, the Greek capital attracts huge throngs of tourists who come to visit its historical sites that have stood as icons for centuries. From its temples and museums to its traditional ways of living, Athens is a paragon of Greek history.

A Greece travel guide - ancient monuments, countless islands, golden beaches and clear blue sea

Everyone expects sea, sand and sunshine from their holidays in Greece, but the country’s diversity might surprise you. Book a hotel in Greece for islands and mountains, diving and white- water rafting, rustic tavernas and temples to haute-cuisine.

An Athens travel guide – 2,500 years of history, hot sunny days and glamorous nightlife

Expect Ancient Greek relics, creative Mediterranean cuisine and vibrant nightlife on an Athens city break. Book an Athens hotel to discover the roots of European civilisation.

Where to stay in the Greek Islands - an island guide

Finding accommodation on the Greek Islands is easy but sometimes intimidating, with hostel and villa owners waiting at ports for oncoming travelers. Knowing the best and most affordable areas is the trick. Generally more coastal areas away from town centers are cheaper and often more charming than those found in the hub of island life. Traveling between the two is simple and brief thanks to island transport and absent traffic.

A Greek Islands shopping guide - where to shop and what to buy

Island shops are unique and colorful with delightful specialties like craft shops, traditional Greek jewelry or fresh fish and olive markets. Greece has a long and proud tradition of woven fabrics, pottery and crafts, ranging from t-shirts and souvenirs to high quality, locally crafted jewelry and antiques. Greek jewelry is well known for fine craftsmanship and classic designs. 

Where to eat in the Greek Islands - a food and dining guide

In the way of local produce, the islands provide an ample choice of seafood caught right on their shores - fresh catches can even be seen hanging in the harbors - and with their numerous olive groves you can always find ripe olives spiced in the traditional flavors of  Greece. As for variety, restaurants range from gourmet French and Italian to the traditional rustic dishes of Greece.

What to see and do on the Greek Islands - a guide to notable activities and attractions

Surrounded by vibrant waters that shaped their history, the Greek Islands have a deep relationship with the sea. Experience the underwater volcanoes, submerged caves and thriving sea life by diving, or skip along the coastline with plentiful water sports. With the country steeped in history and folklore there are also an endless wave of museums and archeological sites to stumble across, whether it be the dramatic mythology of the Greek gods or the crumbling ruins of Venetian fortresses. 

Where to stay in Athens – a neighborhood guide

The best places to stay in Athens are mainly concentrated in the center of the city, within a short distance from the Acropolis. These areas are generally just walking distance away from each other, which offers a good portion of the heart of the city as attractive accommodation. With so many historical attractions in a vibrant city, Athens is both old and young at the same time. Alternatively, some decide to stay on the coast, aka the so called ‘Athens Riviera’.

Athens shopping guide – where and what to shop and buy

Athens provides a unique shopping experience. From markets and souvenir shops to boutiques and department stores, the Greek capital offers the complete cross-section of the shopping sphere. Much of the shopping excitement is in the center but there are plenty of charming and authentically Greek little stores that reach out into the suburbs.

Where to eat in Athens – a food and dining guide

The diversity of food in Athens is mainly thanks to the diversity in Greek cuisine, which is the dominant food in the Greek capital. From seafood and barbecues to cheeses and fresh salads, the Greeks have perfected the use of their Mediterranean surroundings to give us the culinary wonders of Athens.

What to see and do in Athens – notable attractions and landmarks

Athens is a vibrant combination of ancient and modern. Most of the attractions are found in the center of the city in the area around the Acropolis, and while this does dominate the interest of the tourists, it does no harm to the pleasant atmosphere around the wholly modern and lively areas further afield. Glyfada and Vouliagmeni are home to beautiful marinas, chic restaurants, beaches, bars and traditional tavernas.

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