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Family-Friendly Dublin - Kid-Friendly Days Out and Children's Entertainment

Ireland has one of the youngest populations in Europe, and its capital city is especially family friendly. Parents with toddlers or teens can expect a warm welcome wherever they go, and enjoy a range of citywide attractions from historic sites to sandy beaches and the vast green space of Phoenix Park.

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Dublin Nightlife - World-Class Pubs, Clubs, and Traditional Irish Music

Dubliners are famously sociable people, and a night out in the city is often the highlight of a visit to Ireland. From stylish clubs on Leeson Street to older pubs off Grafton Street, there's a great place to drink and chat on almost every corner. The home town of U2 is proud of its music, so you can dance to live rock or sing along to traditional Irish folk tunes.

Exploring the Vibrant Arts and Culture Scene in Dublin

Dublin has always been a cultural powerhouse, producing world-class artistic talents from Jonathan Swift to U2. And despite its reputation as a major hub for heavyweight literature and drama, the city never takes itself too seriously - the local creative scene is laid-back and fun-loving.

Getting the Best Out of Dublin

Dublin is a thriving modern European capital, but also the beating heart of historic Ireland. You'll receive a warm Irish welcome in any of the city's venerable pubs. Pull up a stool at the bar and you'll soon find yourself deep in conversation with friendly, curious locals. You can also stay in 5-star hotels, dine in some of Europe's finest restaurants, and enjoy rich culture and raucous entertainment.

A guide to Dublin – ancient buildings, bustling shopping and Guinness

The jewel in Ireland’s emerald crown, Dublin is a center of culture, learning, history and, of course, partying. Drawing people from all across the globe, Dublin attracts visitors to its many landmarks. Whether you find yourself wandering through the tranquil courtyards of Trinity College, the dark and mysterious corners of ancient churches or the towering Guinness Factory to pull the perfect pint, you won’t leave Dublin disappointed.

A St Patrick’s Day Dublin travel guide – a fancy dress parade, and Irish music and dance

Enjoy a family day out, traditional music and the festival parade on St Patrick’s Day holidays in Dublin. St Patrick’s Day hotels in Dublin get snapped up quickly, so plan ahead and get into the spirit in the Irish capital.

A Cork travel guide – bell towers, black beers and the Blarney Stone

A Cork city break reveals a place steeped in history. Explore its monastic beginnings through to English colonisation and the beginnings of ‘rebel Cork’. Or maybe book a Cork hotel and follow its trails of emigration, art and artisans, and then test your taste buds comparing the creamy local stouts.

An Ireland travel guide – emerald hills, Celtic culture and modern cuisine

Discover lakes, glens and green hills on a holiday in Ireland, the aptly named Emerald Isle. Immerse yourself in Celtic myths and medieval monasteries, and complete each day before you return to your Ireland hotel with a pint of stout and traditional music in a vibrant village pub.

A Connacht travel guide – Gaelic-speaking islanders, colourful towns, traditional music, mountains and megalithic sites

Holidays in Connacht take visitors to the Gaelic-speaking west of Ireland. Misty mountain roads wind down to the sea and a coast dotted with remote islands. Find your Connacht hotel in one of the brightly coloured towns brimming with live Irish music.

A Dublin travel guide – relaxing pints, turbulent history and bags of personality

A Dublin city break takes you to a compact capital with centuries of history and streets of graceful Georgian architecture. Book a Dublin hotel to sample the laid-back nightlife and endless good humour of this walkable city.

Autumn holidays in Dublin

An autumn break in Dublin is when sporting events reach their climax, opera starts to warm up and nature bursts into glorious autumnal hues. Book a hotel in Dublin in autumn and see the city at its best.

Nightlife & Entertainment in Dublin

Think of Dublin, and you’ll conjure images of cobbled streets, lit with the glow of pubs and ringing with Irish folk tunes. Dublin’s reputation is built upon its world-renowned nightlife, and the city after dark is an essential experience. Get ready to sink a pint of the black stuff and join in with a hearty singsong. Slainte!

Family Friendly Attractions in Dublin

It’s not just the grown-ups who'll be entertained in lively Dublin – there’s plenty on offer for the kids too. Plus, with a whole host of imaginative and creative indoor spaces, it doesn’t matter what the Irish weather hurls at you, because there will always be something to do.

Arts and Culture in Dublin

The Irish Republic’s fair capital city is steeped in culture stretching back to the days of the Vikings. It’s both historic and timeless, with glorious medieval churches and colleges on one hand, and a constantly innovative arts scene on the other. This is a city filled with music, creativity, and spirit.

Where to stay in Dublin – a neighborhood guide

Catering to all types of travelers, Dublin benefits from not having one single area where all the hotels, B&Bs and hostels congregate. With varying atmospheres and a huge range of places to stay, accommodation options here span from the most exclusive to the more practical, for those on a budget. Be aware, however, anywhere in the city comes at an added price tag; Dublin is, without a doubt, one of the most expensive cities in Europe.

Dublin shopping guide - where to shop and what to buy

Shopping in Dublin is a very enjoyable experience, nearly the whole city’s shopping is pedestrianized and easy to stroll around. Irish glassware, jewelry and culinary delights are found scattered around the shops, while street performers and quieter back street pubs will invite you to retreat inside their cozy interiors.

Where to eat and party in Dublin – a food, drink and dining guide

Dublin food is representative of its population – varied and inspirational. Plenty of classic Irish and British dishes are offered, ranging from Irish lamb and beef to local potato specialties. Of course, these dishes are always to be washed down with a pint of local brew or something a little stronger found in one thousands of pubs scattered around the city.

What to see and do in Dublin – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

A buzzing capital full of historical artifacts and contemporary artwork, Dublin has something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you fancy feeding the animals at Dublin Zoo, soaking up history at Trinity College or taking a brave dip in the chilly Irish Sea, Dublin can provide all of these options and more.

Top 10 free things to do in Dublin

From Iron Age bog bodies to spiritual singing, Dublin’s free attractions are inspirational. Book a hotel in Dublin and read this insider’s guide to make your euros stretch further.

Top 10 literary destinations in the world

Discover where to book a hotel near the homes and haunts of legendary authors with this guide to the top 10 literary destinations in the world.

Summer holidays in Dublin

The sun shines for a Dublin summer break, a city made for sightseeing on foot. Neat Georgian terraces and busy market squares come alive in summer, and locals enjoy basking in the warmth. Book a summer hotel in Dublin for an easy-going taste of heritage and warmth.

A Trinity College in Dublin travel guide – learn all about the Land of Saints and Scholars

A Trinity College holiday puts you right in the centre of old Dublin, but the bright sparks who flock here give the place a youthful buzz. Book a hotel near Trinity College and explore the hidden nooks and crannies of Ireland’s oldest university.

Top 10 hotels in Dublin

From chic boutiques and historic castles to a restored Georgian townhouse, use this insider’s guide to the top 10 hotels in Dublin to get the most out of your stay.

Short breaks in Dublin – 48 hours of literary greats, graceful Georgian architecture and relaxing pints

On a relaxing short break, Dublin is a city just made for walking. Step out of your Dublin hotel and fill a couple of days with this eclectic itinerary.

Where to stay in Dublin – a travel guide to Dublin's neighbourhoods

Choosing the right place to stay in Dublin will make all the difference to your trip. Use this insider’s guide to the city’s main neighbourhoods to book the best Dublin hotel for you.

Top 10 places to visit famous Dubliners

From those who fought and died for Irish independence to writers and musicians known the world over, Dublin has always honoured its famous sons. Book a Dublin hotel and meet the people who made it great with this guide to top 10 places to visit famous Dubliners.

Dublin Travel Tips

Wearing millennia of history and deep patriotism with casual flair, Dublin is a many layered city, where the more you explore, the more you're rewarded. It’s linked deeply to its coastal landscape, and this natural beauty has proved a draw for writers, artists and musicians across the centuries. Throughout its history, even in the most recent years, it has weathered many turbulent periods, but this Emerald City just shines ever brighter.

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