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Nightlife & Entertainment in Charleston

When it comes to nightlife, Charleston packs a huge amount into its relatively compact city center. Whether you feel like a casual drink, a glamorous night of cocktails and clubbing, or some first-rate live entertainment, there’s a wealth of options to decide between.

Family Friendly Attractions in Charleston

For many, Charleston evokes a sense of rich history and refined gentility. But it also has a brash and colorful side, which will come as a relief if you have children to occupy and amuse. With raucous amusement parks, interactive exhibits, and plenty of family-friendly dining options, you’ll have no problem tailoring your trip to the tastes of your youngsters.

Arts and Culture in Charleston

South Carolina’s oldest city is awash with monuments to its past. Its skyline is dominated by churches rather than skyscrapers, while its immaculately preserved Downtown is dotted with elegant, pastel-hued Colonial-style mansions. World-class museums and attractions that bring the city’s fascinating history to life, and you can enjoy live entertainment on the site of America’s oldest theater.

Charleston Travel Tips

Famously friendly, Charleston is also a treat for the mind with its handsome historic district crammed with stunningly preserved, pastel-hued Antebellum architecture, while its skyline is dominated by imposing church spires. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back centuries on arrival, but scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find a thriving, modern city, with eclectic nightlife, and cutting-edge arts and restaurant scenes.

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