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Brooklyn Eats - Sustainable, Comforting, and Downright Delicious

If New York City's boroughs were competing for superlatives like "coolest" and "trendiest," Brooklyn would win hands down. A short ride on the L train from downtown Manhattan, Brooklyn was once defined by the cultures of Italian, Irish, Polish, and Russian immigrants. Today, it encompasses every aspect of hip American culture, from fashion and art, to artisanal food and craft drinks.

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Brooklyn Sleeps - From Boutique Hotels to Affordable Bed-and-Breakfasts

In addition living up to its reputation as an edgy enclave of cool restaurants and hip boutiques, Brooklyn also wins points for offering spacious accommodation, often with attractive prices. You can choose from boutique and luxury hotels, large chains, and bed-and-breakfasts with unique charm and a touch of signature Brooklyn artistry.

Artisanal Goods, Flea Market Finds, and High-End Fashion - Shopping in Brooklyn

Brooklyn's retail charm lies largely in its abundance of homespun goods - be they fashion or food - and originality. The borough is teeming with independent shops, flea markets, and designers who work out of local studios. Of course, it wouldn't be New York City if you couldn't shop more mainstream labels, which is why you'll also find outposts for many of the country's famous department stores here.

From Park Picnics to Late Night Dance Clubs - What to See and Do in Brooklyn

Already the most-populated of New York City's 5 boroughs, Brooklyn is expanding rapidly. Over the past decade, much of the city's cultural life - and many of its residents - have moved across the river to Brooklyn, and visitors have quickly followed. Brooklyn may be best known for a trendy modern scene, but its buildings - from brownstones to the great Brooklyn Bridge - also speak of its rich history.

The Essential Guide to Brooklyn - New York's Hip Borough

The most populated of New York City's 5 boroughs, Brooklyn has really captured imaginations over the last decade. Brooklyn has now become synonymous with achingly cool culture. You will find sharply dressed hipsters sporting ironic facial hair and sipping expensive coffee, but there's plenty more to Brooklyn. From historic sites, to family-friendly parks, and fine dining, let's discover what else Brooklyn can offer.

Breweries, Dance Clubs and Craft Cocktails - Nightlife and Entertainment in Brooklyn

Home to a large young and hip population, Brooklyn has a correspondingly vibrant nightlife scene. There are so many cool bars here that it can be difficult to keep up, and the dance clubs rival the best in Manhattan. The entertainment scene is not all drinking and dancing though. How about a midnight screening of a cult classic with dinner served to your seat?

Kids Can Play, Learn, and Eat Their Way Through Brooklyn

Brooklyn has a soft spot for kids. Aside from housing neighbourhoods that are practically overrun by baby strollers, indicating that this could very well be New York's most family-friendly borough, it also offers a host of activities just for them. You can spend a day at Coney Island, explore the rugged nature of Prospect Park, or blend learning with fun at one of Brooklyn's many museums.

Brooklyn's Whirlwind Mix of Art and Culture

Walk down any street in Brooklyn and you'll likely see a mix of people, from young and hip to mature and worldly. Its arts and culture scene is equally as varied and eclectic. You can take in traditional art in world-class museums, or a contemporary dance performance by a burgeoning company. Supporting new talent is especially important in Brooklyn, which means you'll never know when you're witnessing artistic history in the making.

Before You Go - Travel Tips for Your Brooklyn Trip

Brooklyn, the most populous of New York City's 5 boroughs, has a reputation as a centre of culture and cool. With a thorough transportation system and welcoming atmosphere, it is easy to soak up all that the borough has to offer. One minute you could be eating pierogies(dumplings) at a modest Polish diner in Greenpoint, and the next toasting with a cocktail in a trendy Williamsburg bar.

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