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What to see and do in Cape Verde – a guide to popular activities and attractions

From marine adventures to vineyards and volcanoes, the islands of Cape Verde offer a diverse range of activities whether you want to relax and sightsee, or explore its underwater treasures. A multitude of dive sites exist in the sparkling offshore ocean, while inland you get a chance to explore colorful colonial towns, float in shimmering salt pans, or climb the country’s most active volcano.

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Where to shop in Costa Rica – where to go and what to buy

Costa Rica has a multitude of shopping opportunities for tourists and locals. There are shopping malls with modern stores and food courts for those who want to shop as if they’re at home. Scattered across the country are boutique stores and little stalls on the side of the roads, but also in the smaller villages hidden from the main road, you’ll discover local stores selling crafts and souvenirs.

Where to shop in Colombia – a guide to retail therapy by city

In a country of as many natural riches and artistic talents as Colombia, it’s not surprising that the shopping scene in the major cities is thriving. Medellín leads the way with independent fashion houses, producing some of the most exciting new trends, while Bogotá and Cali offer high-quality artisan markets alongside modern shopping malls. Cartagena, true to its jewel-box appearance, is the center of Colombia’s emerald trade, with a popular sideline in candy.

Where to eat in Colombia – a guide to regional cuisine

Colombia’s food is as diverse and rich as the country itself. The hardy Andean highlands produce maize and potatoes, which influence the cuisine of Bogotá, while in Cartagena, the Caribbean Coast offers up a bounty of seafood.

What to see and do in Colombia – a regional guide to the best places

Colombia is a vast and beautiful country, where every region has something different to offer. The problem is always going to be having time to see it all, but whether you’re rafting through the rainforest, hiking in the Andes, sunbathing on a tropical beach or dancing salsa in a historic city, you’ll create memories to last a lifetime. From the powerhouse capital, Bogotá, its skyscrapers dwarfed by the Andes, to the laid-back vibes of Cali, Colombia has it all.

Where to stay in Cape Verde – an island guide

The 10 diverse islands of Cape Verde boast an equally varied selection of hotels and guesthouses. From four star luxury with private palmed beaches to homely bed and breakfasts in the heart of town, a tranquil paradise is waiting for you on this sun kissed archipelago. Santiago and Sal are home to the most tourist-orientated accommodation, while the smaller island of  São Vicente is ideal for a quiet break experiencing the local Cape Verdean way of life.

Where to shop in Cape Verde – where to go and what to buy

When shopping in the Cape Verde islands, the key is to think local. The majority of everyday products sold here are imported, and therefore not cheap. To get the most out of your Cape Verdean shopping experience, look to buy locally grown or made produce. This includes Fogo wine, coffee beans, cheese, and creative handicrafts found in lively markets throughout the country.

Where to eat in Cape Verde – a food and dining guide

Cape Verde, home of Creole island cuisine, has a distinct culinary advantage over many other destinations; each island has its own interpretations of the traditional dishes. Adding to this exciting variety are a number of outside influences – Mediterranean, Japanese and gourmet restaurants dot the archipelago’s towns.

A Cape Verde island guide – beaches, volcanoes, and a unique heritage

An incredibly diverse archipelago of 10 tropical islands, Cape Verde is a paradise destination which is only just beginning to embrace tourism. Isolated 350 miles off the west coast of Africa, the volcanic country has strong ties to both the continent and Portugal, thanks to its colonial past. Cape Verde’s history has created a vibrant and unique culture on these staggeringly beautiful islands – one which you can discover on a magical holiday here.

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