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Jaipur Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Jaipur, India

The capital of Rajasthan State, Jaipur offers its visitors more than just a wealth of interesting history, with lively markets, authentic restaurants and a multitude of ancient palaces to also occupy its guests - all set in the heart of a desert. Often referred to as the ‘Paris of India', Jaipur is home to more than two million residents.

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Nightlife & Entertainment in Jaipur

Once the sun sets on this pink city, other colours begin to shine, glow a multitude of hues in the balmy night air. From traditional performance art shows, such as puppetry and theatre, to posh cocktails at opulent, Colonial-style bars, Jaipur nightlife is exotic and beguiling.

Family Friendly Attractions in Jaipur

With its combination of high-art treasures and desolate desert forts, Jaipur may not seem like a top family destination, but with a bit of creativity and a gutsy sense of adventure, you’ll do more than simply keep the kids entertained – you’ll give them the trip of a lifetime.

Arts and Culture in Jaipur

Suffused in a pink glow, the many palaces and temples of Jaipur give this city an air of majesty. Dating back to 1727, Jaipur wears its centuries of history with an assured grace. In the midst of the very Indian noise and chaos, regal gardens and hidden forts create pockets of stillness and calm.

Where to sleep in Rajasthan – the cities of Rajasthan and where to stay

As Rajasthan is one of the most popular states in India for tourists, you will surely find the perfect accommodation to suit you. The large desert offers a range of accommodation from to high end hotels to attractive themed mid-range hotels as well as in-budget guesthouses. Tourists flock to all of the cities and with tourists come a wide range of accommodation options to choose from. 

Where to shop in Rajasthan – a guide to bazaars, bartering and areas

Rajasthan is known for its bazaars which provide an authentic Indian shopping experience. Locals and tourists alike shop in the street bazaars for everything from daily essentials to souvenirs. Look out for blue pottery, camel leather goods, spices, traditional sarees and brass curry serving dishes. Don’t forget to partake in the bartering game and haggle over prices. When you’ve had enough of bazaars, there are western malls to shop in too. 

Where to eat in Rajasthan – local delicacies and regional dishes

Rajasthan is such a huge and diverse state, so claiming one national dish is rather hard. However, Rajasthan is a mainly vegetarian state and food is cooked in ghee (rich butter). Daal Baati (lentil curry dumplings) is a popular dish and desserts are eaten before the main meal. Due to the desert region, water and green vegetables are sometimes scarce which impacts cooking styles, instead, milk and butter milk area used. 

Rajasthan – What to see and do in the desert state

The largest state in India is home to the pink city of Jaipur, famous for its well organised bazars; lose yourself inside the walls and barter to your heart’s content. Each city has ancient well preserved forts and holy temples to venture to which are full of history and culture. Rajasthan has two national parks where you can see the wild tiger, plus there is a huge desert to explore. 

Rajasthan – a guide to which areas to visit in the desert state of India

As the largest state in the whole of India, which originally comprised of 22 areas that have now been brought together to form the one state, Rajasthan can seem overwhelming to begin with. Fear not; this guide lays out the most prominent cities and towns to visit in this desert state and what they are known for. 

Jaipur Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

The local arts and crafts culture in Jaipur is as fascinating as its religious monuments and palaces. Shopping varies from traditional market places brimming with bargains to more refined options that offer gems and jewelry.

Jaipur Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

Jaipur's shopping and historical draws are supported by the city's wealth of tasty cuisines that are on offer for as little or as much as you wish to spend. The markets are home to an abundance of food stalls selling everything from breads and rice through to coconut curries and barbecued meats.

Jaipur Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

The surprisingly modern city of Jaipur successfully mixes and blends an interesting history with captivating architecture in the form of palaces, temples and lively commercial centers that house numerous businesses and companies.

Jaipur Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Jaipur is home to a surprising amount of attractions and a wealth of activities that rival that of any major city. Visitors to Jaipur can choose between an authentic visit full of local markets and temple hopping and a luxurious break in a five-star hotel complete with spa treatments. These options blend together to make this diverse city a great choice for people searching for all types of holidays.

Jaipur Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

Shopping is one of Jaipur's primary draws and the city's multitude of impressive palaces and temples are another prime reason for many to visit. Restaurants usually close at 23:00 and the nightlife in Jaipur is relatively calm in comparison to that of other cities. Theaters often host puppet shows that are colorful and fun for all the family.

Jaipur Travel Tips

The cultured capital of Rajasthan state, Jaipur's impressive architecture is carved out of rosy sandstone, giving it the nickname Pink City. It’s a city where mystical adventure is never far away, whether you discover it in a majestic desert fort or at an elephant sanctuary. It may be modernizing fast, but the ghosts of history are ever-present, with strong traditions present in everything from the cuisine to the theatre scene.

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