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A Pune City Guide - mystical temples, spicy cuisine and buzzing festivals in bustling metropolis

Pune is a dazzling city set on the banks of the mighty Mutha River, in India’s western green-washed state of Maharashtra. The city dates back over 2,000 years, and its infinitely intriguing heritage can be explored in the palaces and ornate temples, which house flower-covered golden shrines and stone monuments. Food-lovers will rejoice at the mix of spicy street food and laid back restaurants, and you'll get swept away by Pune’s spellbinding dance and music festivals.

Where to Stay in Pune - a neighbourhood guide

As such a large city, Pune compromises many different neighbourhoods and districts, each with their own distinct atmosphere. The city’s universities and colleges give certain areas a chilled-out, academic vibe, infused with a youthful nightlife, while more touristy parts offer fine hotels with immediate access to Pune’s unforgettable palaces and temples. Whether you’re looking to relax in heavenly 5-star luxury, or are an urban adventurer travelling on a budget, Pune has a neighbourhood for you.

Pune Shopping Guide - where and what to shop and buy

Pune’s flourishing shopping scene is a huge part of the city’s culture. Luxury shopping malls - speckled with tall fountains and flowery courtyards - make for a relaxed and indulgent day out, while the many market stalls provide an unforgettably buzzing setting for bargain hunters on the prowl. Whether you’re in the market for fine designer clothes, soft silky fabrics, curious trinkets or delectable foods, Pune offers it all.

What to See and Do in Pune - a guide to notable sights and attractions

Many of Pune’s most marvellous attractions are found in the centre. Discover grand old-world palaces and inspirational museums that tell of Pune’s riveting royal and military history. The city is home to several stately colleges, where the lush grounds and Oxford-inspired architecture make for pleasant strolls. Pune’s religious heritage provides dozens of magical temples. Dotted throughout the city, these golden temples will immerse you in Pune’s colourful culture, past and present.

Where to Eat in Pune – a food and dining guide

Pune’s endless sprawling streets hide a huge variety of restaurants, from tiny family-run curry houses, where the secret spicy recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, to sleek and trendy establishments. But Pune also offers a strong street food culture, with hundreds of vendors cooking up a smorgasbord of delectable delights, ideal for a tastebud tingling late-night snack after bouncing between Pune’s bohemian bars.

Pune Travel Tips

Pune is a blend of historical grandeur and contemporary energy, with sleek modern buildings alongside towering temples. However, it also boasts plenty of natural beauty, being set within voluptuous hillsides and hiking trails where you can enjoy spectacular views. The city also has a thriving culture and arts scene for visitors to delve into.

Nightlife & Entertainment in Pune

Beneath its historical veneer, Pune boasts a lively nightlife scene with locals and backpackers enjoying the modern bars and clubs that are popping up. There’s everything from glamorous nightclubs filled with the young and well-heeled, to laid back European-style pubs and brewhouses where you can enjoy a quiet ale with friends.

Family Friendly Attractions in Pune

Taking children to a busy city such as Pune might feel like a challenge, but as long as you’ve got a good game plan there's no reason why younger travellers won’t enjoy this thrillingly historic city. There's plenty for kids to do in Pune, and they'll no doubt love the vast outdoor hiking trails, the colourful landmarks, and the attractions specifically aimed at young and questing minds.

Arts and Culture in Pune

With a rich history that can be traced back over 2,000 years, Pune is a colourful world of ornate palaces, religious temples, and treasure-filled museums. From medieval dynasties to the British Raj, its tangled history can be seen in the artefacts and architecture remaining from long-gone epochs, making simply walking around a distraction in itself.

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