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What to see and do in Sicily – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

As the largest island bobbing in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily's sprawling coastline is filled with local landmarks. A treasure trove of smoldering volcanoes, archeological sites and Michelin-starred restaurants, there are plenty of areas to explore. Once ruled by the Ancient Greeks and part of the Magna Graecia, here you will uncover historical gems at every twist and turn. Soak up architectural splendors such as the Norman churches with their glittering gold mosaics in Palermo (Palatine Chapel), and the cathedrals of Monreale and Cefalù.

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Where to stay in Sicily – a neighborhood guide

Accented by towering Doric temples, ancient amphitheaters and sweeping coastal views, it is hardly surprising that Sicily has become such a sought-after destination. An idyllic Italian break, the island is filled with accommodation options from clifftop villas to rustic farmhouses, boutique hotels to beachfront B&Bs. Set amongst fragrant citrus groves and old fishing villages, relaxation and culture are found in equal measures in this fascinating corner of Southern Italy. 

Sicily shopping guide – where to shop and what to buy

Italy is renowned for its shopping and the sunny south is no exception. Perhaps not on a par with the exclusive shopping experiences offered in Florence and Rome, however, Sicily caters for its own market in abundance. With a good blend of shopping malls, boutiques, street markets and craft stalls, shopping in Sicily is undoubtedly a cultural experience. Here is somewhere you can soak up the relaxed southern Italian vibe as you peruse through a colorful selection of leather bags, brand name clothes and local crafts.

Where to eat in Sicily – a food and dining guide

A nation famous for their food, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something in Sicily that doesn’t suit your tastes. Freshly grilled swordfish, hearty meat platters, rich parmigiana and crispy arancini: Sicily isn’t somewhere you go to lose weight. Experiencing a new wave of culinary creativity, dining choices are now extremely varied. Choose from a rustic trattoria to a swanky Michelin-starred restaurant, a relaxed bar to a cozy country restaurant: whatever you decide, though, you won’t be disappointed. 

An island guide to Sicily - archeological ruins, active volcanoes and the Mediterranean Sea

A rich tapestry of history and culture interwoven with a relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere, Sicily has a lot of sway for the modern traveler. Reaching towards the North African coast, Sicily and its surrounding islands are packed full of attractions. Head to the city of Catania to marvel at beautifully constructed Baroque buildings, visit gritty Palermo to soak up the capital’s artistic vibe or simply laze on the lava beaches of the Aeolian Islands. 

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