Calauit Safari Park is a game reserve and wildlife sanctuary on a 3,700-hectare island located just off the coast of Palawan. Established in 1976, it was the very first safari park in the Philippines and is today home to many animal species from the African plains, as well as endemic Philippine birds and animals.

    Visiting the island, you have the chance of seeing the park’s waterbucks, deer, crocodiles, monkeys, zebras and other wildlife. Despite being on the opposite side of the Indian Ocean from their country of origin, these animals can live in some comfort, thanks to the region’s climate being similar to Kenya’s.

    Calauit Safari Park - one of the highlights of 14 Best Things to Do in Palawan (Read all about Palawan here)

    photo by Jordan Balintac (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified

    Animals at Calauit Safari Park

    One of the park’s highlights is its Grevy’s zebras – one of the most endangered species of zebra in the world. The park has played a crucial part in growing the population of the zebra species, from the 25 remaining in 1981 to the 1,200 zebras now living as part of a herd on the island.

    Visitors can also get up-close and personal with the giraffe population by feeding them (with the help of a guide) and interacting with them from the safety of a truck (at an additional cost).

    Many visitors make their own way to Calauit Island or book on an organised tour from Coron. Entrance fees for the park range from 50-400 pesos and visitors wishing to film, use the jeep or camp are required to pay additional fees.

    photo by Jordan Balintac (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified

    Calauit Safari Park

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