Hsinchu is the oldest city in Northern Taiwan, yet is a hub of scientific and technological innovation. The area was originally inhabited by a native tribe called the Taokas some 400 years ago. They named the city “Chuchang”, and it wasn’t until the late 1800s that its name was officially changed to Hsinchu by Emperor Guangxu, launching a very prosperous period which continues to this day.

    Hsinchu has become quite a busy city, yet it remains compact and retains the charms and scenery of its mountainside location. You’ll find beautiful historical landmarks alongside convenient modern facilities, as well as cultural attractions alongside natural ones.

    What to see & do in Hsinchu

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    • 12 Best Things to do in Hsinchu

      Hsinchu has a certain charm that many travellers find simply bewitching. Life is neither as fast-paced nor hectic as Taiwan's bigger cities, which is a big attraction. Your chosen travel itinerary can be as laid-back as you can make it, but you’ll still be able to see most, if not all, of the essential must-sees here. There...

    Where & what to eat in Hsinchu

    • 9 Best Restaurants in Hsinchu

      The food business in Hsinchu is a thriving one, with many restaurants and food stalls dotting the city landscape. However, what makes Hsinchu stand out is its astounding variety of street food and local delights. Some tempting homegrown fare includes the humble peanut butter, which is rich and fragrant – perfect for breakfast and as a snack. Steamed cakes are also...

    Where to shop & what to buy in Hsinchu

    • 3 Best Shopping Experiences in Hsinchu

      At the heart of Hsinchu’s shopping scene are its many charming night markets. Stalls sell almost anything you can possibly want, be it a steaming bowl of meatball soup and noodles, silver bracelets or plants and flowers. Vendors readily engage tourists in loud banter in their bid to attract more customers, and most are friendly enough to offer discounts without...

    Where to go & what to do at night in Hsinchu

    • 3 Best Nightlife in Hsinchu

      Hsinchu nightlife is vibrant enough to attract visitors from other regions of Taiwan. There may not be as many pubs and clubs, compared to the bigger cities like Taipei or Kaoshiung, but what you’ll find here are cosy watering holes, charming pubs and delightful cafés. Besides the pubs and bars, you can also take the time to visit some of...

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    • Hsinchu Information

      Hsinchu is modest in size, but possess a certain charm that makes city dwellers content with life and visitors captivated by the simple way of life in the city. It’s the oldest city in Northern Taiwan, so a fair amount of that charm is historical, though the nearby mountains also make it a good place to visit if you like...

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