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Beach Scenes and Ocean Views - Where to Stay in Panama City Beach

Thanks to decades hosting collegiate spring breakers, Panama City Beach is stacked with rooms right on the ocean. Beachside lodging can be found for every budget: from luxury condos on Lower Grand Lagoon overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, to no-nonsense motels only steps from the surf.

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Where to Stay in Jacksonville - River View Rooms to Luxury Beach Resorts

As the USA's largest mainland city by area, Jacksonville has plenty of accommodation options. Beach resorts and vacation rentals line its coast, while downtown features skyscraper hotels overlooking St. John's River. West and southeast Jacksonville provide budget lodgings and suites from global hoteliers.

Where to Stay in Key Largo - From Casual Cottages to Beach Resorts

Lodging options are plentiful in Key Largo, from polished resorts and chain hotels to independently owned motels. You can also rent a cottage or condominium, or stay at a bed and breakfast, RV park, or campground. If you've come to dive or fish, you’ll want to be based near your daily point of departure. For socializing, downtown Key Largo has many popular bars and eateries.

Where to Stay in Tampa - From Luxury in the City to Budget-Friendly Near the Parks

The sprawling layout of Tampa means there's a wide range of accommodation available. Are you looking for a romantic bed-and-breakfast on the waterfront? Or do you want your stellar views with a side of city nightlife? Families should consider a stay near Busch Gardens, while fashionistas may want to be near the shopping action.

Comfy Cottages to Beachfront Resorts - Where to Stay on Sanibel Island

Visitors to Sanibel are always within walking distance of the ocean. Most island hotels are on the southern coastline, facing the Gulf of Mexico. Accommodation ranges from simple cottages and beach bungalow-style bed-and-breakfasts to luxurious condo resorts featuring amenities like full-service spas, swimming pools, restaurants, tennis courts, and private beaches. Other lavish options are also available farther west on the sister island of Captiva.

Where to Stay in Clearwater Beach - From Upscale Resorts to Budget Friendly Hotels

The wide range of accommodation in Clearwater Beach means there's a place for everyone. Do you want a balcony so you can watch the sun rise over the gulf? Or is it more important for you to have free WiFi in the lobby? Whatever your preference - and your budget - you'll be sure to find something that suits your style.

From Underwater Attractions and National Parks to Wildlife Safaris and Tiki Bars - Exploring Key Largo

Key Largo is a 30-mile island filled with natural splendor, making it a magnet for divers, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts. World-class diving sites and sprawling public parks attract visitors from around the globe, particularly in winter. You can experience the area's easygoing atmosphere by visiting a waterfront tiki bar at sunset, or stopping by a local eatery to drink, dance, and enjoy live music.

Underwater Adventures, Fresh Seafood, and Sunset Drinks - A Visitor’s Guide to Key Largo

Key Largo is a water-lover’s paradise that offers mellow Florida Bay waters on one side, and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. Spanning 33 miles of the upper keys, the area offers vast stretches of publicly accessible land and water, making it easy to immerse yourself in local activities, from diving and fishing to hiking and eco-tours. When not playing, you can dine on fresh seafood at a waterfront eatery, kick back over cocktails and live music at a tiki bar, or head downtown to shop for souvenirs and walk along the marina.

Miami Beach Shops - Big On Surf Style, Gifts, and Gourmet Food

Miami Beach may have its fair share of retro and kitschy surf shops, but they are far outnumbered by its extensive offering of upmarket stores. From South Beach’s trendy spots and Bal Harbour’s exclusive boutiques to chic art museum gift shops and brand name retail thoroughfares, this city’s fashionable retailers help keep the beautiful people looking the way they do.

Sandy Beaches to Architectural Treasures - What to See and Do in Miami Beach

Thanks to its sunny skies and picturesque, sandy shores, Miami Beach has been a favorite tourist destination since the early 20th century. As the city's popularity has grown in recent decades, so have the amount of activities on offer, like world-class golf and deep-sea fishing expeditions. You’ll also find a range of cuisines to enjoy, some of the world’s most noted art deco architecture, and of course, endless beaches.

Sun, Sea, Sports, and Spa - What to See and Do in Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach, Florida has secured its place as a top destination for sun worshippers, proven by the influx of college students who flock to its powder-white beaches each spring. Set on the Gulf of Mexico, this seaside city offers a long list of fun activities both in the water and back on shore.

Chic Shops and Seafaring Gifts - A Shopping Guide to Sanibel Island

Most of Sanibel Island’s shopping happens in and around Periwinkle Way. Small shopping centres dot the street, and they tend to be filled with an eclectic mix of quirky gift stores, high-end boutiques, and unfussy restaurants. If you plan on spending some time on adjacent islands, you’ll find clusters of shops whose wares run the gamut from fine jewelry to maritime knickknacks.

What to See and Do in Sanibel - From Shelling to Golfing

With miles of tranquil beaches and verdant wildlife refuges, Sanibel Island offers a wealth of things to see and do. While both ocean and island creeks beckon with challenging water sports or relaxing boat rides, there’s also back-bay and offshore fishing, as well as shelling, for which Sanibel beaches are famous; the island is even home to one of the world’s only shell museums.

Beachfront Beauty and Island Activities - A Guide to Sanibel

Located 3 miles from Florida’s west coast in the Gulf of Mexico, Sanibel is an idyllic holiday destination ringed by glittering, shell-rich beaches. A popular spot for activities such as fishing, water sports, and golf, the conservation-minded island draws people wishing to observe its magnificent wildlife like bald eagles, bobcats, and American alligators in its reserves, and dolphins and manatees offshore.

What to See and Do In Clearwater Beach - Sailing Lessons, Pelican Cove, and Paddleboards

It's easy to spend all your time in Clearwater Beach snorkeling in the aquamarine waters of the gulf and working on your tan. And while the beaches are unquestionably beautiful, there's so much more to experience in the area. You could go kayaking at lush parks, visit the dolphins at the aquarium, or even take sailing lessons. Whether you're a shopaholic or a naturalist, there's something for you here.

A Clearwater Beach City Guide - Beaches, Parks, and Pirates

Clearwater Beach is in reality a small island located off Florida's west coast. For most people, it brings white sandy beaches and tranquil, blue-green Gulf of Mexico waters to mind. But there's plenty to do aside from work on your tan. You could cast for fish on the pier, take a dolphin-spotting cruise, or even explore nearby Tampa. Whatever your beach vacation dreams are, you can fulfill them here.

Where to Shop in Tampa - From Traditional Cigars to Cutting-Edge Styles

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Tampa was renowned for fine hand-rolled cigars, and is still affectionately called “Cigar City.” Today, Tampa is still known for producing some of the best cigars in the country. But that’s no longer all the city has to offer. A shopping spree in 21st-century Tampa involves visiting an eclectic range of retailers, from upscale designer boutiques to thrift shops and bookstores.

What to See and Do in Tampa - From Microbrews to Music to Zoos

There’s so much to see and do in Tampa, you’ll likely be planning your next visit before the first has ended. Tampa must-see attractions range from museums to waterfront parks to a phased walkway with views of the Hillsborough River. As for must-do activities, the city offers an eclectic range. Whether your idea of the perfect day includes microbrews, dolphins, or live music, Tampa has something for you.

A Tampa City Guide - Culture, Sports, and Wildlife Near Florida’s Gulf Coast

Tampa - also known as “The Big Guava” - is a bustling Florida city set on Tampa Bay, just east of the Gulf of Mexico’s turquoise waters. Settled in 1823, the city is known for its Cuban and Spanish heritage, which can be experienced in many parts of the sprawling metropolitan area. Tampa activities range far and wide, whether you’re a foodie, sports fan, or culture vulture.

Shopping in Miami - Style, Substance, and Smokes

Miami's reputation as the playground of the rich and famous makes it the ideal spot for upscale designer shopping. But its culture extends beyond the confines of fashion. A celebrated art and architecture scene has produced exceptional outposts for interior decor, while the vast Cuban community has made Miami the best place to source cigars north of Havana.

Miami - A Tour of the Best Neighborhood Attractions

It’s such a cliché to say that a destination has “something for everyone,” but it’s a pretty forthright description of Miami. Lazy days of beachcombing in the sunshine blend seamlessly with wild nights enjoying salsa and merengue beats. From famed cultural epicentre Little Havana to eccentric Coconut Grove and spectacular South Beach, Miami’s boroughs and historic districts are packed with things to experience.

Tiki Bars, Locals Hangouts, and Live Theater - Key Largo Nightlife

After a day in Key Largo filled with outdoor adventures, from snorkeling and swimming to hiking and boating, you'll find plenty to do when the sun goes down. You can head to a fresh-air tiki bar to lounge over sunset cocktails, or dine on the fresh catch of the day at a waterfront restaurant, while a local band plays reggae, classic rock, and acoustic hits.

Water, Wildlife, and Local Parks - Family-Friendly Attractions in Key Largo

Key Largo offers kid-friendly adventures on land and water that even the youngest members of the family can take part in. You can embark on an educational water adventure at a state park or learn about local wildlife on an exotic nature expedition. Local parks have recreational amenities tailored to families, from playgrounds and picnic spots to sports fields and swim facilities for all ages.

Dance Clubs, Big Beats, and Signature Cocktails - Nightlife in Miami Beach

Nightlife is a cornerstone of the culture in Miami Beach. You’ll find throngs of late night revelers in the city’s mega-sized dance clubs, while those seeking a less hectic evening can opt for sumptuous hotel cocktail lounges. If you’re looking for live music, you can take in a rhythmic Cuban floor show or an electric indie rock band.

Family-Friendly Miami Beach - From Sandy Beaches to Blooming Botanical Gardens

You may think that sun, sand, and sea are what make Miami Beach such a draw for kids, but this Atlantic Ocean destination offers so much more for the whole family. From thrilling outdoor activities like boating and kayaking, to educational eco-conscious institutions like botanical gardens, Miami Beach is full of the kind of stuff that will make you and your kids want to come back again and again.

Vintage Art Deco to New World Symphony - Miami Beach Arts and Culture

As Miami Beach’s cosmopolitan profile has increased in recent years, so have its cultural offerings. You can spend your time strolling through the intriguing and provocative collections of area museums, catch an opera in a historic theatre, or take in an orchestra performance while reclining on a park lawn with a drink in hand.

Dolphins, Shells, and Maybe a Manatee - Family-Friendly Fun on Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is a haven for families seeking an activity-fueled getaway. Most of the island’s adventure takes place on or near the water, from dolphin-watching to scouring the shoreline to find that perfect seashell to take home. A trip to the island can also be educational, as your kids will have several opportunities to get close to critters that live under the sea.

Clearwater Beach Nightlife and Entertainment - Dance Clubs, Live Bands, and Party Boats

When the sun dips into the Gulf of Mexico, night owls come out to play in Clearwater Beach. You'll find locals and travellers alike swapping flip-flops for boat shoes and high heels, before heading out to explore this lively island. Whether you're looking to dance the night away, take a moonlit stroll, or relax with drinks and live music, Clearwater Beach has a night scene you'll enjoy.

Family-Friendly Clearwater Beach - From Festivals, to Aquariums, and State Parks

You'll find Clearwater Beach a family-friendly haven, from the sparkling white sand beaches, to the many restaurants that offer children's menus. If you've had your fill of building sandcastles, there's no need to worry here. The area offers an array of kid-friendly activities including canoeing, thrilling boat rides, festivals, and aquarium tours. Even on the rare rainy day, your family will have plenty of options for fun in Clearwater Beach.

Theme Parks, Zoos, and Tours in Family-Friendly Tampa

Tampa's carefree style and sunny climate make it an ideal destination for a stress-free family vacation. You can swim with dolphins, have a picnic in the park, and enjoy heart-pounding roller coaster rides with your kids.

Tampa Nightlife and Entertainment - From Sunset Brews to Dancing 'til Dawn

When the sun sets over the bay, the Agua Luces light up Tampa Riverwalk and the streets come alive. Stylish young locals are decked out for a night of bar hopping, while the Goth crowd is geared up to rave the night away. But Tampa also has a softer side, which you can tap into by sipping drinks on the waterfront or by taking in an evening jazz concert.

Theme Parks, Zoos, and Quirky Tours in Family-Friendly Tampa

Tampa's carefree style and sunny climate make it an ideal destination for a stress-free family vacation. You can swim with dolphins, have a picnic in the park, and enjoy heart-pounding roller coaster rides with your kids.

From Museums to Outdoor Concerts - Arts and Culture in Tampa

Prepare to be in the middle of an extensive and authentic arts and culture scene. Whether you crave contemporary art, fresh-out-of-Broadway shows, or great photography exhibitions, this city can offer it all - and thanks to Tampa's many Cuban and Spanish descendants, it often comes with a dash of Latino flavor.

Miami Nightlife and Entertainment - Drink, Dance, and Live La Vida

You'd be hard-pressed to find a city with nightlife as dazzling and diverse as Miami's. A multitude of exclusive bars and lavish clubs line the streets of South Beach, attracting the glamorous "see and be seen" crowd. But it's not all velvet-roped glam. Dive bars and live Latin music venues offer after-hours entertainment that's low on cost and big on fun.

Family Fun in Miami, From Land to Sea

Miami gets well-deserved credit for its beautiful beaches and exotic nightlife, but it’s also a top-notch destination packed with activities for the whole family. Get up close and personal with apes and exotic sea creatures, catch a trophy fish (and release it), or take a dip at a historic locale. It's family-friendly adventure that is guaranteed to keep your kids' noses out of their phones.

Miami Arts and Culture - Galleries, Theaters, Films, and More

Miami is painted with the brushstrokes of multiculturalism, making it a melting pot of influences, flavors, and vibrant art. From creative street artists to world-renowned dance and theatre companies, this city offers an abundance of options that celebrate diverse cultures and perspectives.

From Catch of the Day to Key Lime Pie - Where to Eat in Key Largo

If you like seafood, you are in for a treat in Key Largo. Freshly caught fish, lobster, crab, and conch dominate most menus here. Geography also influences cooking styles, with nods to nearby Cuba and the rest of the Caribbean - in Bahamian-style conch salads, for example. Dining out is also often a lively affair in the Keys, with many restaurants hosting regular live music.

Fresh Seafood, International Specialties, and Local Flavors - Where and What to Eat in Miami Beach

The only problem you’ll encounter when dining out in Miami Beach is deciding what you’d like to try first. Nouveau American and classic Mediterranean restaurants sit alongside authentic Cuban and Asian fusion eateries. Whether you’re looking to take in the scenery from a beachfront café, see and be seen at an upscale hotel restaurant, or grab an empanada on the go, you’ll surely make delicious memories.

Seafood Specials and Oceanfront Views - Where to Eat in Panama City Beach

The ocean plays a starring role in the lives of Panama City Beach residents and visitors, and it's no surprise its bounty headlines most area menus. Seafood restaurants are the city’s most prevalent dining choice by far, with fresh-caught fish and shellfish stealing the spotlight no matter the type of cuisine.

Seaside Views and Ocean Flavors - Where to Eat in Sanibel

Southern Florida’s cuisine is known for its strong Caribbean, Latin American, and Asian influences; its specific flavor profile leans on fresh local seafood and the state’s heavy citrus production. While other cuisines such as Italian and Mexican are available in Sanibel and Captiva, uniquely Floridian dishes - and the Caribbean fusion type known as Floribbean - are clearly the most prevalent on island menus.

Where to Eat in Clearwater Beach - From Fresh Seafood to Traditional Cuban Cuisine

Clearwater Beach is lapped by the aquamarine waters of the Gulf of Mexico, so seafood lovers are in for a treat. You'll find fresh shrimp, crab, and grouper starring on many menus - and also sometimes alligator. While seafood is prevalent, it's by no means the only option you'll have. Clearwater Beach has an array of eateries that whip up everything from traditional paella to kid-friendly pizza.

Where to Eat in Tampa - From Guava Pastries to Blackened Gator

Many Tampa eateries stay true to the city's Cuban and Spanish ties, but Tampa has Southern roots and is known for its produce, too. That means you'll also find farm-to-table restaurants whose seasonal menus have classic Southern and creole flavors. Gazpacho, fried green tomatoes, blackened alligator, and fresh seafood are some of the many local treats you'll be able to sample in The Big Guava.

Miami in Miami - A Culinary Day Planner

Miami is a city with big-time flavor. This is the place where sugar-sand beaches and cinnamon tans come together with some of the spiciest nightlife in the nation. The cuisine is just an extension of a beachy urban vibe that’s steeped in tradition yet constantly evolving. So dig in and enjoy the feast, from daybreak till the wee hours.

Practical Tips to Make the Most of Your Key Largo Vacation

Key Largo offers a wealth of outdoor activities, both on land and sea, along with miles of stunning waterfront and plenty of public recreational space. It’s especially popular with winter visitors who come to the area to bask in the warm sunshine, or to dive, fish, and boat on the Atlantic Ocean, which borders the east, or the Gulf of Mexico on the west. You can expect to find Southern hospitality and be greeted by easygoing staff at hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

Insider Tips to Help You Experience Miami Beach Like a Local

Miami Beach’s popularity is owed as much to its miles of pristine sandy beaches as its architectural heritage, wild nightlife, and kid-friendly atmosphere. Its renowned festivals like the Art Basel Miami Beach fair and the South Beach Wine & Food Festival are testament to the city’s dedication to culture, while its celebrated live music scene, and thriving theatre and dance companies mean you’ll never be short of vibrant entertainment.

Travel Tips for a Fun-Filled Trip to Panama City Beach

Celebrated among the country's most popular spring break destinations for college students, the white sandy shores of Panama City Beach are also treasured by sun- and surf-lovers worldwide. With fishing and water sports in the ocean, and hiking, wildlife viewing, and golf in area parks and courses, fun activities beckon from all corners of the city.

Travel Tips to Make Your Sanibel Stay the Best It Can Be

Sanibel Island’s combination of seashell-dotted beaches and sprawling wildlife preserves makes it one of Florida’s most distinctive - and natural -destinations. You’re just a bit more than 4 miles from the mainland via the Sanibel Causeway, but the island’s casual vibe makes things feel farther away. And if you need a dose of city excitement, bustling Fort Myers is about a 40-minute drive.

Get to Know Clearwater Beach - Travel Tips for Making the Most of Your Stay

Clearwater Beach is known for its year-round warm weather, sparkling white sandy beaches, and blue-green Gulf of Mexico waters. The area’s economy relies heavily on tourism, so travellers can expect a warm and hospitable welcome. Clearwater Beach is set on a small island and most places are reachable on foot, bike, or a short drive.

Tampa Travel Tips - Navigating The Big Guava Like a Local

Tampa is one of the largest cities in Florida, and an ideal destination for a varied vacation. Though the city takes pride in its Spanish and Cuban heritage, you'll find the population to be impressively diverse. Activities span far and wide, too. Tampa's location and climate make it the perfect getaway spot for beachcombers, thrill-seekers, foodies, and more.

Miami - Travel Tips for the Savvy Vacationer

Worlds collide in Miami. Beach bum meets urbanite. Surfboards get stuffed into Ferraris. High fashion blends with a clothing-optional scene. To really do Miami justice, you’ll want to be flexible. From world-class dining with postcard views of the Atlantic to gems of Latin culture, you're bound to find plenty to love in this sunny coastal metropolis. To help you prepare, here are some travel tips.

Shopping in Jacksonville - Outlets, Markets, and Handcrafts

As the continental USA’s largest city by area, Jacksonville’s varied shopping districts could fill a week’s itinerary easily. Visitors will find brand-name outlets, boutiques, and handcrafted goods in Jacksonville’s distinct neighbourhoods. Head to the beach for cute beachwear and knickknacks, or to Riverside for locally made artsy finds. Several outdoor malls provide shoppers with a little bit of everything.

Jacksonville's Top Attractions and Excursions - Beaches, State Parks, and Big-City Fun

People looking for destinations with both big-city amenities and natural attractions will enjoy Jacksonville, the continental USA's largest city by area. It offers art, international cuisine, and sports events at its stadiums. On the city's fringes you'll find wide beaches, a top-rated zoo, and state parks. Tying everything together is St. John's River, which flows through downtown and creates many waterfront locations for events and businesses.

Discovering Jacksonville - Big City, Big Beaches

This sprawling city is the largest by area in the contiguous USA, and serves as a gateway to Florida with an international airport and several major highways intersecting here. Visitors will find natural attractions including beaches, state parks, and St. Johns River, Florida’s longest river. Jacksonville’s urban areas attract shoppers, foodies, and cultural enthusiasts, as well as sports fans who can catch a variety of professional games.

Family-Friendly Jacksonville - Fun for Beach Babies and NFL Football Fans

Jacksonville is a huge city with enough activities to please any family. A lively city centre offers museums, restaurants, and attractive landmarks. Twenty minutes east, miles of wide beaches offer days of fun in a low-key and laid-back setting. Several parks teeming with maritime wildlife provide excellent inlets for kayaking or fishing. Don't miss Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens, or catch a professional sports event.

Art Walks, Markets, and Festivals - Jacksonville Arts and Culture

Artistic communities have cropped up on the downtown fringes of Jacksonville. Riverside hosts a big arts market on Saturdays, while San Marco's Dinner District developed between several theatres on Jacksonville's Southbank. Not to be outdone, downtown offers monthly Art Walks, with more than 40 cultural organizations taking part. Add in dozens of festivals and special events and Jacksonville can be considered a cultural hotbed.

Where to Eat - A Guide to Jacksonville's Diverse Dining Scene

Due to its sheer size, Jacksonville has a huge variety of cuisine on offer. Several designated dining districts give visitors a wide choice of types of venue, from pubs to upscale restaurants. Chefs utilize seafood straight from the Atlantic Ocean, and some also try their hand at cooking up "swamp fare" like alligator. Other kitchens offer Southern fare not typically associated with the rest of Florida.

Travel Tips for Vacationing in Jacksonville

Jacksonville's year-round warm climate attracts beachgoers and boaters, while the city's urban districts provide many dining and drinking options and fun activities. Three interstates circle the city, and its large river and proximity to the Intracoastal Waterway provide plenty of boating activities. As a major transportation hub, it gets busy at peak travel times, but its 22 miles of beaches provide a great counterpoint for rest and relaxation.

Where to stay in Orlando – a neighborhood guide

Sleep may seem like a novelty in Orlando – with the bright lights of Disney begging to be explored – however, crisp bed sheets and countless amenities await you all around the city. From frenetic theme park hotels - perched right in the heart of all the action - to more tranquil and romantic escapes, you can pick accommodation to suit your holiday temperament. Whether it’s a private villa, family resort or all-inclusive you’re after, you’ll find it here.

An Orlando shopping guide – where to shop and what to buy

Orlando is best known for its premier attraction – the Walt Disney Theme Parks. However, the family-friendly state has plenty more on offer besides film-set reconstructions and Micky Mouse.  Shopping in Orlando is second to none, reaching dizzying new heights with mega malls, shopping streets and local boutiques. Did you ever think indoor skydiving, glow-in-the-dark crazy golf and shopping could go together? They can in Orlando. 

Where to eat in Orlando – a food and dining guide

As a global city, Orlando offers everything a visitor could want from its dining scene. With various neighborhoods serving international cuisines as well as hearty all-American platters, you’ll find plenty of tasty morsels to tuck into.  Head over to Restaurant Row to enjoy some smoky jazz and mouth-watering steak, visit Lake Buena Vista for the ultimate fine dining experience, or, grab a deep pan Chicago-style pizza in the bustling Downtown district. 

What to see and do in Orlando – a guide to notable attractions

When you’re known for being ‘The Capital of Theme Parks’, it’s highly likely visitors aren’t going to pass their time idly twiddling their thumbs. Indeed, if you do come to Orlando, you can expect to spend your days spinning around on rollercoasters, splashing down log flumes, meeting your Disney heroes, hitting a hole in one, flashing your cash on International Drive or munching your way through the buffet of your life. In short, Orlando is an action-packed city where entertainment is right on your doorstep. 

A city guide to Orlando – theme parks, thrills and dining by the dozen

Orlando has been nicknamed as ‘The City Beautiful’ and the world’s ‘Theme Park Capital,’ and it is easy to see why. The city plays hosts possibly the most famous brand on the planet, Disney, with its four exciting main attractions that are fun for all the family. Movie-lovers will enjoy the Universal Studios with its movie-themed rides, while first-timers and regular visitors will relish getting stuck into the splash-tastic waterparks, golf courses in Kissimmee or the enchanting Everglades. The magic of Orlando is hard to resist, as millions of big kids and little kids the world over will testify.  

Top 10 family-friendly things to do in Orlando

Mickey Mouse and Cinderella’s Castle, alligators and orcas—Orlando is a family-friendly dream come true. Grab the kids and book an Orlando hotel.

Top 10 free things to do in Orlando

Feed the swans at Lake Eola, build LEGO skyscrapers or tour an organic brewery – there’s plenty to do in Orlando that won’t bust your budget. Book a hotel in Orlando and follow our inspiring guide to the top 10 free things to do in Orlando.

Spring vacations in Orlando

An Orlando spring vacation begins early, when the rest of the northern hemisphere is still shivering. Fruit groves spring into blossom and the sun warms the air early in Florida. Book a spring hotel in Orlando and say goodbye to the cold.

Where to stay in Orlando - a travel guide to Orlando's neighborhoods

Finding where to stay in Orlando is central to a successful vacation. Follow this guide to the city’s neighborhoods and choose the right Orlando hotel for you.

Short getaways in Orlando – Walt Disney and fine art

Get the most out of the world famous theme parks on a short getaway in Orlando with this time-saving itinerary. Then use your Orlando hotel as a base to explore the best of the city’s culture and shopping.

An Orlando travel guide – amusement parks, international dining and a wealth of outdoor activities

An Orlando vacation includes world famous amusement parks. But visitors will also find a world of cuisine, designer shopping and golf. Book an Orlando hotel and discover the many sides of this popular Florida city.

Top 10 hotels in Orlando

For work or pleasure, choose a top 10 hotel in Orlando. Palm-shaded pools, lush golf courses and free theme park shuttles make the living easy.

Gay Miami Travel Guide

South Beach is Miami’s undeniable gay hotspot. It consists of tons of bars, restaurants and shopping for straight and gay tourists alike, but all-in-all a very gay-friendly area. 12th Street Beach is the “gay beach”, easily marked by the two rainbow flags and exceptionally gorgeous people. The most consistently popular gay bars are the long-standing Score and Twist, both situated in the South Beach area. The Palace on Ocean Drive hosts weekend drag brunches where visitors can watch drag shows spilling into the busy streets. Lincoln Road is a pedestrian mall popular among tourists and locals, offering a wide variety of open-air restaurants and a plethora of shopping.

Top 10 hotels in Miami

Wondering what the top 10 hotels are in Miami? From the Eden Roc on Miami Beach to Doral Golf Resort and Spa, you can find the 10 best Miami hotels by using this handy guide. We've got boutique hotels with rooftop spas, to designer lobbies and beach-view suites.

A Key West City Guide - tropical island paradise boasts cool arts culture and inspiring historic heritage

Perched right at the tip of the Florida Keys, Key West's streets hide no shortage of whimsical wonders, from the 19th century architecture of Old Town to the laid-back beaches of New Town. Food lovers can treat themselves to an array of fresh-caught seafood and Cuban-inspired cuisine. Discover Civil War-era battlements, magical maritime museums, and dozens of independent art galleries in the island that edgy, avant-garde writers and US Presidents alike have called home.

A Panama City Beach travel guide – Southern charm and seaside amusements

Taking a Panama City Beach vacation on Florida’s beautiful Gulf of Mexico Panhandle is a excursion into the genteel, deep South. You’ll find magnolia trees, bayous and lush vegetation in addition to the sparkling sand and warm emerald waters the area is famous for. Book a Panama City Beach hotel and discover its Southern charms for yourself.

A Florida travel guide – sugar-white beaches, culture-packed cities and world-class amusement parks

Vacations in Florida encompass more than colorful reefs filled with tropical fish, lush nature preserves and Art Deco mansions. Take a break in Florida to discover an exciting diverse landscape, pulsing city centers and a world of culinary flavors.

A Fort Lauderdale travel guide – tropical sunshine, beach chic shopping and sultry rhythms

A Fort Lauderdale vacation means a holiday filled with ocean-side relaxation, stylish shopping and warm nights cooled with rum cocktails and sea breezes. Book a Fort Lauderdale hotel and prepare yourself for tropical climes in the ”Venice of America”.

A Miami travel guide – luxury beach hotels, Cuban culture, and Art Deco heaven

White sand, cool pools and glamorous Miami hotels are all part of a Miami vacation. Explore new-wave art galleries, colorful 1930s Art Deco architecture and lively Latino neighborhoods.

Nightlife & Entertainment in Fort Lauderdale

If you’re looking for an energetic nightlife of jazzy clubs and ocean-front bars, then Fort Lauderdale is the place for you. You’ll find dozens of disco-style clubs and rocking live music bars beside the city beach, and a more mature, bohemian entertainment scene along Las Olas Boulevard.

Family Friendly Attractions in Fort Lauderdale

While Fort Lauderdale is famed for its thumping beach-side nightlife, this sprawling seafront city offers plenty of attractions and events for the whole family, from exciting outdoor adventures to educational museums.

Arts and Culture in Fort Lauderdale

While you may be tempted to spend your Fort Lauderdale holiday lounging on the beach’s silky sands or splurging at shopping malls and seafood restaurants, don’t forget that the city boasts an abundant amount of arts and culture - whether you’re interested in intriguing heritage or captivating contemporary art.

Where to Stay in Fort Lauderdale – a neighborhood guide

It might not have the A-list pizzazz of Miami, but Fort Lauderdale is an understated playground with yacht-filled marinas, swathes of golden sand, boutique-laden boulevards, buzzing bars, and restaurants serving seriously good food. If you’re looking for luxury, you can choose from the city’s top-end hotels with outdoor pools and Atlantic views. Those on a tighter budget needn’t feel left out, as there’s an array of cost-effective hotels across the city’s varied neighborhoods.

Fort Lauderdale Shopping Guide – where and what to shop and buy

From well-known brands and designer names, to eclectic flea markets, antiques stores, and vast malls, Fort Lauderdale’s a shopper’s paradise, for every style and budget. Whether you fancy browsing the fashion-filled rails of outlet stores, hunting for vintage finds in hipster-filled swap shops, or scouring antiques stores looking for masterpieces, Fort Lauderdale’s home to neighborhoods brimming with thriving and varied shopping hotspots.

Where to Stay in Key West - a neighborhood guide

Key West may be on the small side as cities go, but it certainly doesn’t lack variety in its range of accommodation and areas to stay. From the ornate wood-framed mansions of Old Town to the cool beachside condos further east, there’s a style of hotel for everyone. Key West’s accommodation is roughly divided in half, with the newer, glitzy beach resorts on one side, and the older, established mansion-style hotels on the other.

Key West Shopping Guide - where and what to shop and buy

Shopping in Key West will take you from malls full of brand-name stores to the quirkiest independent boutiques selling a range of unique Key West souvenirs. Dip under the colorful awnings of Duval Street, amble around the side streets, and check out the cool art galleries showcasing local paintings. Don’t forget that Key West is renowned for its seafood, delectable desserts, and tropical fruit wines, so check out some local groceries and delicatessens as well.

What to See and Do in Key West - a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

Key West boasts a quirky, independent spirit plus an array of sights and attractions that will keep you inspired for days on end. A strong love of culture is laced through the city – this is a place that's long attracted writers, artists, and free spirits – so you'll have several art galleries and museums to wander. Historic forts, wide open green spaces, and lively nightspots round off the holiday nicely.

Where to Eat in Fort Lauderdale – a food and dining guide

It may have been the playground of rowdy 1990s spring breakers, but nowadays Fort Lauderdale’s pulling in a more grown-up crowd, who like to sail on the crystal Atlantic waters, cycle along the sandy palm-fringed shoreline, sip martinis in sleek bars, and eat really good food. It might not be as flashy as Miami, or as upmarket as Palm Beach, but Fort Lauderdale has plenty of multi-cuisine restaurants offering all sorts of truly tasty temptations.

Where to Eat in Key West - a food and dining guide

As an island, Key West benefits from an abundance of fresh seafood, which forms a strong part of the city’s food culture. Then there's its proximity to Cuba, which has inspired restaurants serving spicy Cuban cuisine – now something of a city staple. With glitzy eateries lined along the sandy beaches, quaint cafés in the historic areas, and family-owned retro diners in the centre, Key West’s varied gastronomy will have everyone's mouth watering.

Top 10 beaches in Fort Lauderdale

Whether you’re looking for a secluded spot for kayaking and hiking or a beach packed with sunbathers where tropical drinks are served on the terrace, you’ll find a Fort Lauderdale beach for you. Book a Fort Lauderdale hotel and follow this guide to the Top 10 beaches in Fort Lauderdale.

Top 10 luxury things to do in Miami

Luxury Miami hotels, designer shopping, exclusive golf courses and five-star spas -- use this guide to indulge in the finer things in life on your Miami holiday.

Winter vacations in Miami

Winter breaks in Miami are like summer vacations elsewhere. Palm-lined boardwalks, the hum of vacationers, alfresco terraces buzzing with diners and families enjoying sunny days out erase all gloomy thoughts of winter. Book a winter Miami hotel and dive into the Atlantic waters and sail around Biscayne Bay.

Where to stay in Miami - a travel guide to Miami's neighborhoods

A Miami hotel might mean South Beach views or sophisticated Downtown living. Figure out where to stay in Miami with this guide to the city’s neighborhoods.

Short getaways in Miami – Art Deco architecture, Cuban coffee and designer shopping

Make the most of a short getaway in Miami with this diverse itinerary of food, sights and shopping. Stay in a Miami hotel and feel the buzz of this lively city.

Miami Travel Tips

Bienvenido a Miami, a Spanish-flavored city that basks in the glow of Florida’s ever-reliable sun. With beachside promenades and sparklingly turquoise ocean waters that are enticingly warm, it’s no surprise that Miami is one of the world’s favorite vacation destinations. With an infectiously youthful exuberance, and a breezily relaxed attitude, this city moves to its own rhythm, and is always ready for a party.

Key West Travel Tips

Known for its liberal and easygoing vibe, its ever-shining sun, and its stunning tropical island scenery – think palm tree-dappled streets and sand-swathed shores – Key West is a tourist haven of two halves. Whether you’re here to chill out or to party it up , you’re bound to find a slice of island life to suit. Plus, when you fancy something more highbrow, there’s an abundance of art galleries and museums.

Fort Lauderdale Travel Tips

Fort Lauderdale is a chilled-out city set along Florida’s sun-speckled Atlantic coast, just 23 miles north of Miami. The city boasts sweeping gold-white beachfront, with energetic entertainment from bustling bars and clubs to fresh seafood restaurants. There's also a strong performing arts scene, and sports fans are sure to make use of Fort Lauderdale’s many golf courses. Meanwhile, nature-lovers will want to explore the city’s surrounding natural beauty in the Everglades National Park.

Nightlife & Entertainment in Miami

Nowhere parties quite like Miami, where the blood-red sun sinking into the ocean signals the start of another exciting night of indulgence and entertainment. The rich and famous stalk the city’s glitzy nightclubs, but don't worry if your wallet isn't infinitely deep - there’s no shortage of places to dance, drink, and laugh on a budget.

Family Friendly Attractions in Miami

Play with dolphins, build sandcastles in the sun, and eat until you pop while on a family vacation in the Magic City. Miami’s miles of white beaches, kid-friendly cuisine, and collections of awe-inspiring attractions mean it’s no surprise that sunny Miami is a real hotspot for family vacations.

Arts and Culture in Miami

Miami may have a reputation as a sprawling party zone with the emphasis firmly on neon-lit hedonism, but it's also a bit of a cultural treasure trove. There's all the iconic Art Deco buildings in Miami Beach for one thing, and there are plenty of historic attractions to explore as well.

Nightlife & Entertainment in Key West

From gay bars to dive bars to swanky cocktail-laden clubs, Key West’s nightlife spots are as vast and varied as its eccentric residents. Whether you fancy dancing to disco tunes until the early hours or enjoying a flamboyant cabaret show, Key West has fabulous entertainment for everyone.

Family Friendly Attractions in Key West

The southernmost island of the US, Key West’s a playground for families looking for some fun in the sun. Little ones will enjoy splashing around in crystal-clear turquoise shallows, and for the odd tropical storm-soaked day there are plenty of family attractions to amuse and entertain.

Arts and Culture in Key West

Key West isn’t all about silly souvenirs and summer break partying. This proudly eccentric island’s home to a surprisingly highbrow art scene, literature and music festivals, and an interesting and varied history highlighted by its impressive museums.

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