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A guide to Alberta – stunning mountain ranges, glorious lakes and an infectious personality

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Residing in Canada’s west, boarding British Columbia, is beautiful Alberta. Despite being one of only two provinces that are completely land-locked, Alberta is host to some of the most stunning scenery in the country. The perfect mixture of the great outdoors with charming cities and villages, it is the perfect stop for any traveler venturing north of the United States.

Justine Cooke and Dann McCann

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Alberta Badlands


Sculpted upon thousands of years of erosion and geographic changes, the Badlands are famed for some of the oldest found fossils in all of Canada, making it a great place to really get a feel for the natural history of the country. Located in the south west of the province, the Badlands draw visitors who explore its endless national parks, offering a great range of day hikes.


Alberta Rockies


The Rockies are what draws more people to Canada than anything else. Home to the world famous Banff and Jasper mountain ranges, the ski and snowboard opportunities here are second to none. Thousands of adrenaline seekers from all over the world take to the slopes to explore some of the best ski resorts in the country. The vastness of the Rockies means there are still plenty of chances to get away from the crowds and find your own beautiful, secluded spot.


Calgary Region


Home to Alberta’s largest city, Calgary is the fastest growing area in Canada. Here you can explore Canadian cosmopolitan life. A fantastic array of restaurants and shops await those looking for a great city break, mixing with the locals at some of the colorful markets.


Central Alberta


Known as Alberta’s heartland, Central Alberta is arguably the most rural part of the province. Steeped in history of explorers and some of the nation’s first settlers, it is an area in which you can really feel the history of Canada. Endless rolling hills and lush green forests provide a great backdrop to the wild horses running free.


Eastern Alberta


Immerse yourself in Alberta’s beautiful east. This part of the province draws outdoor enthusiasts from all over the country. Get back to nature by camping out in the wilderness and exploring some of Alberta’s amazing wildlife. Discover the Saskatchewan River Valley as it winds its way through the picturesque hills.


Edmonton Capital Region


Despite having a population slightly smaller than Calgary, Edmonton is Alberta’s capital and is growing very quickly. Divided up by the Saskatchewan River, the city has a rich history in trade and was famed by the great gold rush and discovery of oil in 1947. Explore the city’s old mines and learn about the history of this great province.


Peace River Valley


Even more picturesque scenery await those venturing into the Peace River Valley. Here in Alberta’s North West, is one of the longest river systems in all of Canada. The best thing to do here is get outdoors - the natural beauty is simply stunning and there’s a vast array of ways to enjoy it from horseback riding to canoeing.


Southern Alberta


Southern Alberta is world famous for its Cowboys. Also known as Cowboy Country, this area of Alberta has provided the location for many Hollywood western films, including Legends of the Fall and Brokeback Mountain. Experience the cowboy way of life by visiting one of the many ranches or test your nerve at rodeo.