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Where to stay in Ecuador – a neighborhood guide

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Accommodation in Ecuador ranges from charmingly rural haciendas high in the Andean Mountain region to luxury, boutique hotels with glittering suites and alluring amenities. Whether you’re looking to sample Ecuador’s traditional side with its indigenous peoples and handcrafted wares, or explore its many outdoor activities and native creatures, there is a part of Ecuador to tickle every traveler’s fancy.

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The Galapagos Islands


Intriguing and isolated, the Galapagos Islands are a natural phenomenon you can’t help but visit. With geology rivalled by few and an assortment of wildlife - like flamingos, pelicans, lizards and boobies - the archipelago is a natural gem. Boat cruises trawl the islands and discover the indigenous flora and fauna, as well as the budding marine life that surrounds it.


Hotels on the Galapagos Islands


Unlike its rural surroundings, hotels on the Galapagos Islands are contemporarily decorated and equipped. Hotels, rentals and lodges are found on the island, ensuring home comforts and a good night’s sleep are easy.


The Andes


It is obvious why the Andean region of Ecuador is called ‘The Avenue of the Volcanoes’ as soon as you approach the capital city of Quito by air. Reaching 2, 400 meters above sea level, the Andes are impressive pinnacles that tower over the city. Within their confines are indigenous tribespeople and their hamlets, towns and villages, all living among the 60 volcanoes and glaciers.


Hotels in the Andean region


Discovering the life of an Andean villager couldn’t be simpler than by staying in the rural villages high within the Andes, where thatched haciendas give shelter and alpacas rule the roost. Contrastingly, Quito provides world-class accommodation for luxury travelers.


The coastal region


Neighbored by the Pacific Ocean and with more than 400 miles of coastline, Ecuador’s coastal region is a highly visited area. Pristine beaches with soft white sands lure sun-seeking tourists while the surf keeps the active travelers happy. Between May and November another type of visitor graces the waters: humpback whales parade on the horizon as they raise their newly born calves.


Hotels in the coastal region


Hotels on Ecuador’s coast are well located, with beach front locations and unobstructed views over the ocean. Catering to all budgets you can find basic accommodation to high-end luxury apartments and suites at the larger, swankier hotels.


The Amazon Rainforest


Wild vegetation, spectacular wildlife and ancient tribes: a visit to the Amazon Rainforest is a remarkable experience. The vast and bountiful landscape is a mysterious and unexplored adventure that can be enjoyed both on foot and on the water. Luxury cruises steam through the river, while more active visitors canoe or kayak. Others trek across the jungle floor on the hunt for exotic wildlife.


Hotels in the Amazon Rainforest


In keeping with the green surroundings, hotels in the Amazon have adopted an eco-friendly approach, keeping things natural and fresh. Luxury hunters don’t fear – the lodges serve first-class cuisine and boast stylish suites with river-side views.