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Myrtle Beach Travel Tips

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Sun-drenched beaches, old fashioned southern hospitality, and a roaring entertainment scene combine to make Myrtle Beach an alluring vacation spot, whether you’re a student on Spring Break out to party, a family with kids, or retirees in search of the good life. Broadway at The Beach may be the life and soul of Myrtle Beach, but its diverse communities and natural beauty mean that there’s plenty beyond the theaters and bars to explore.


Best Time to Travel


With year-round attractions and a generally pleasant climate, there really is no bad time to visit Myrtle Beach. June to August is prime summer season, when the beaches are at their most appealing, and all the tourist attractions are lively. March to April attracts a young, hedonistic crowd, but more tranquil spots can still be sought out along the coast. Winter may not be seaside weather, but it’s Myrtle Beach’s most magical time, with sparkling festivities in the theaters, gardens, and amusement venues.


Not to Miss


Located at the very heart of Myrtle Beach, Broadway at The Beach is a vibrant entertainment district packed with attractions. From things to do with the kids through to bars and nightlife options, here you’ll find everything you need for the perfect, fun-filled vacation in one place. It’s pedestrian-friendly, with cheerful, specialty shopping districts and lively restaurants. No matter what time of year you come, there’s always something going on, and the festive atmosphere will instantly put you into the holiday spirit.


Getting around


Located just 5 miles south of central Myrtle Beach, the city’s international airport receives flights from major airports across central and eastern US states, as well as regular services from Toronto. Hiring a car is the most convenient way of getting around, particularly if you plan to explore the area’s state parks and plantations. If you’re just sticking to the beach and entertainment districts, then it’s also easy to get around using taxis or buses. All are available from the airport, along with hotel shuttle services.




There’s no better place to try authentic southern cuisine than Myrtle Beach. Mom and Pop style restaurants serve up delicious home cooking, while upmarket restaurants put elegant twists on traditional dishes like shrimp and grits. There’s also a strong Mexican influence here, with plentiful burrito joints. It’s all heavily based around the local bounty of seafood, so expect some exceptional shellfish dishes. Brunch is a Myrtle Beach specialty – you can wake up slowly with a generous plate of huevos rancheros or fluffy pancakes.


Customs and etiquette


Myrtle Beach is a relaxed, tourist-friendly destination with a culture of hospitality, so you’ll be made to feel very welcome. General etiquette applies at the beach, such as checking rules about dogs. Cleaning up litter is something they’re pretty hot on here, so just take it with you. Many of the casual beach bars permit beachwear, but more upmarket restaurants require you to be more smart-casual in your attire. In restaurants, tipping is the same as the rest of the USA, about 15-20%.

Fast Facts


Population: 29200

Spoken languages: English

Electrical: The USA runs on 120V, 60 Hz current

Phone Calling Code: +1 843911