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Perth Travel Tips

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At the heart of the vast Western Australia state, Perth is a cultural and historic centre well worth making the trip for. Museums and high culture, thumping nightlife, and vast tranquil flower-filled green spaces make it a grand city break destination, and then of course there are the sun-drenched, sandy beaches to while away afternoons on.


Best Time to Travel


The spring season between September and November, or autumn season between March and May are popular times to visit the city. The temperature is warm and comfortable, with enough sunshine for a day at the beach or wandering the city. These are often popular times for events such as the Perth Festival which takes place in February, or one of the many music festivals around the area. Winter from June to August is quite good for sightseeing, as it doesn't get too cold, but there can be serious downpours of rain and very cold nights, so you need to plan plenty of indoor activities if possible.


Not to Miss


Perth is home to lots of big sporting events, from the Perth Cup in horse racing on New Year’s Day, to January's Hopman Cup which is an international indoor tennis tournament. Spring sees lots of outdoor events such as the Kings Park Festival in September making the most of the blooming flowers and warm sunshine. Meanwhile, the autumn months offer their own distractions such as the Fairbridge Festival in April, full of quirky folk bands, and the hedonistic Future Music Festival in March.


Getting around


Perth Airport is the main entry point for Western Australia, and there's plenty of connections to the other major cities of Australia. There are also international flights landing here, mainly from Asia, and occasionally from Africa and the Middle East. It's just a 15-minute drive into the city from here, or you can take one of the express buses to save cash. Tourists with plenty of time to spare could consider taking Great Southern Rail’s Indian Pacific train journey from Sydney, which crosses the whole of the country and will give you a 4-day train journey of a lifetime. Perth itself is easy to navigate thanks to an expansive network of buses and suburban trains.




The large Asian population means you'll find a lot of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese eateries scattered throughout the city, and places with a European or Mediterranean flair are also popular. One thing you should really make time for is some wine tasting, as the local region is famed for its very diverse and palate-tingling grape varieties.


Customs and etiquette


Tipping is not an “official” part of the Australian culture, and any extra charges for service will usually be outlined on the menu. However, many tourists like to leave 10% for good service, and those working behind the bar or waiting tables will certainly appreciate the gesture. If you've had a helpful cab driver or a good haircut, then rounding up the bill or giving them a couple of dollars is more than enough to show your appreciation. Service in places like restaurants is very laid back when compared to other countries, so expect to linger over lunch and to enjoy a slower pace of life.

Fast Facts


Population: 1.97 million

Spoken languages: English

Electrical: Australia runs on 220-240V, 50 Hz current

Phone Calling Code: +61 8000