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A guide to Ecuador – natural wonders, notable wildlife and an active nightlife

Pumping beach huts, ethereal wildlife and eco-friendly city tours of bustling Quito city are just some of the attractions when visiting the South American country of Ecuador.  Take to the water and experience nature’s power on an Amazon River tour, or cruise around the Galapagos Islands.  Stick to terra firma and explore the majestic Andes and its traditional cultures. Then as darkness falls, enjoy the capital’s colorful nightlife until the early hours.

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Where to stay in Ecuador – a neighborhood guide

Accommodation in Ecuador ranges from charmingly rural haciendas high in the Andean Mountain region to luxury, boutique hotels with glittering suites and alluring amenities. Whether you’re looking to sample Ecuador’s traditional side with its indigenous peoples and handcrafted wares, or explore its many outdoor activities and native creatures, there is a part of Ecuador to tickle every traveler’s fancy.

Where to shop in Ecuador – where and what to shop and buy

Trading in Ecuador is a time-old tradition, making shopping in the country a firm favorite. Highlighting Ecuador’s tactile skills are the many local markets where handicrafts like cheeseboards, rugs and jewelry are sold in abundance. Every knickknack imaginable can be found in the markets, as well as more contemporary items like football t-shirts. Shopping malls are covered across the country too, selling diverse apparel for every occasion, books, technology, home décor and food.

Where to eat in Ecuador – a food and dining guide

Food is a huge part of Ecuadorian life: it is the foremost welcome to visitors and a prime example of the country’s hospitality.  Ecuadorians show their generosity through their food, and feature it at every important life event.  With a rich history, the national food is hearty and nutritious, while its budding restaurant culture embraces the rest of the world and its assortment of flavors.

What to see and do in Ecuador – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

Ecuador is a country of geographical, scenic and historic interest, whose attractions are spread across the country.  The diverse country is home to over 1600 bird species that live amongst the changing landscapes, from the vegetated Amazon Basin to the rocky Galapagos Islands. Its people are a cultural blend whose heritage is found in the many iconic landmarks and rural areas.

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