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A Cape Town city guide – from outdoor paradise and cultural hotspot to design capital

The Mother City is on everyone’s radar at the moment, and for good reason. It’s a vibey, growing city that has its finger on the creative pulse of the world, with a bustling nightlife, dynamic young population, and dramatic natural beauty that regularly places it at the top of even the most respected global must-visit lists.

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A Johannesburg city guide – people, parks and culture

South Africa is a rainbow nation: a country intertwined with many cultures and traditions, but proudly united in one nation.  The country’s colorful communities are reflected in its cities, particularly in Johannesburg.  As the largest city in South Africa, Johannesburg is at the forefront of all things commercial, economic and cultural.  A visit to the city is as varied as its people, with hundreds of attractions, from its notable shopping centers to its architecture, historical sites to its inner-city flora.

A Cape Town travel guide – colonial architecture, botanical gems and outdoor activities

With two oceans, one flat-top mountain and unique wildflowers, a Cape Town city break is rich in striking landscapes. But imposing architecture and a full cultural calendar means there’s also a world of manmade attractions to discover. Book a Cape Town hotel to find it all on your doorstep.

Where to stay in Cape Town - accommodation for all tastes and budgets

Cape Town has a diverse range of accommodation options, which suitable match the cliché that there is something for everyone. Hip, urban boutique hotels rival quaint bed and breakfasts and large hotel chains for business, as each offers a unique way in which to experience everything that the city has to offer.

Where to eat in Cape Town - from urban and trendy to the finest of dining

Cape Town is widely recognised as the culinary capital of South Africa, and is home to a vast number of locally and internationally awarded restaurants. With a diverse range of restaurants catering to a variety of tastes, budgets and locations, the city is earning a reputation as a must-visit for culinary enthusiasts.

What to see and do in Cape Town – notable landmarks and attractions

For many years Cape Town has been seen as a sleepy city, where it takes months to get anything done and most of the time is spent feet-up on the beach. But with a multitude of events, activities and spectacular attractions, this reputation is fast being put to rest.

Where to stay in Johannesburg – the best places to rest your head

A sprawling metropolis, there are simply hundreds of places to stay, be it for the traveling businessman on the company card or a backpacking student on a strict budget. Divided into districts, the city is a little easier to navigate, with each neighborhood boasting its own character, charm and atmosphere.

A Johannesburg shopping guide – where to shop ‘til you drop

Johannesburg is a shopper’s paradise; from swanky designer boutiques, nestled in high end shopping malls, flaunting international designs swathed in lace and silk to cosy flea markets touting locally made knick knacks and young designer’s wares, Johannesburg offers every possible shopper the perfect shopping experience.

Where to eat in Johannesburg – a feast for the food lover

Johannesburg is a vast melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, people from all corners of the world flooding to and eventually settling there in search of fortune after the discovery of gold in 1886. The food, as a result, is a direct reflection of this and screams variety; with almost every cuisine thinkable being served up across the city, allowing the traveler to sample a myriad of both local and foreign tastes.

What to see and do in Johannesburg – a guide to notable attractions and activities

Johannesburg’s attractions are more ample and varied than many realize, with all sorts of attractions dotted around the city.  World class wildlife roams in the national parks and zoos while the country’s rich history is constantly apparent in the many notable landmarks and museums.  Shoppers will delight in the diverse retail opportunities while outdoorsmen will have a ball at the various extreme sports venues.

Top 10 outdoor things to do in Cape Town

With abundant natural beauty under regular blue skies, it’s hard to spend time indoors in the ‘Mother City’. Swim with penguins, try surfing or relax at a wine farm - outdoor Cape Town has so much to offer.

Top 10 safari and wildlife destinations in the world

Lions in Africa’s savannah, penguins in Argentina and India’s protected tiger reserves are some of the world’s best nature holidays. Book a hotel with this guide to the top 10 safari and wildlife destinations in the world.

A South Africa travel guide – outdoor adventures at the heart of the rainbow nation

Climb sandstone mountains, track big predators and observe witch doctors preparing healing potions. Take an open mind on your holiday in South Africa and you’ll experience the real African spirit.

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