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Family-Friendly Activities and Attractions in Dubai

Families have a pick of vast water parks, air-conditioned malls, and indoor entertainment centers, all offering relief from the heat. Jumeirah and the Marina are lined with beaches and playgrounds geared up for little ones. Even getting around can be fun, with transport options ranging from wooden sailboats to bouncing dune buggies.

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City Lights and Desert Stars - The Best Places to Party in Dubai

Enjoying an evening cocktail on a roof terrace above the Arabian Gulf, you can watch the sun go down and the skyline light up. Dubai's nightlife is shared between the buzzing hubs of downtown, Jumeirah, and the Marina, with much of the action to be found in designer bars and lounges within glamorous luxury hotels.

Shiny New Venues, Ancient Traditions - Exploring Dubai's Dynamic Arts Scene

The Dubai art scene is developing fast. The Opera District is the downtown cultural hub of the future, while new galleries and exhibitions open all the time in Al Quoz. There is also an older Dubai behind the modern skyline, where you can explore Bedouin and Emirati traditions.

Top 10 hotels in Dubai

Want to pick one of the 10 best hotels in Dubai? You can't go wrong with the Jumeirah Beach Hotel with its own private beach or better yet why not head to Dubai Marina and stay at the Grosvenor House West Marina Beach hotel. You can live in luxury while in Dubai if you stay at one of the top ten hotels by using this guide.

A Dubai city guide – sightseeing, partying, eating and hotels

Dubbed as the ‘Paris of the Middle East’, Dubai certainly has the extravagant charm, Arabian culture and captivating character of a luxury minded city that many visitors become breathless about. Surrounded by sun-soaked, sandy brown deserts and the sparkling Arabian Gulf in contrast with the shining and gleaming modern city buildings, Dubai is definitely a holiday destination to remember. Appealing to all age ranges and budgets, Dubai is also a shoppers’ paradise.

Dubai Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai has been dubbed the ‘Paris of the Middle East' due to its captivating charm, distinctive culture and enchanting character that exudes a luxurious way of living that many only dream about. The surrounding area is home to a unique blend of timeless deserts which contrast with the modern city buildings that help to make Dubai such a mesmerizing holiday destination.

A Dubai travel guide – luxury shopping, desert adventures and global cuisine

A Dubai city break takes visitors to palatial shopping malls, on desert safaris and along atmospheric back streets. Book a Dubai hotel to experience the many sides of this exhilarating United Emirates city.

Where to eat in Dubai – a food and dining guide

Top five star restaurants offering a variety of international cuisines are part of the daily life for many Dubai residents and visitors.  Delve a bit deeper and you will find tasty, affordable roadside takeaways blending local dishes with the exotic and offering a mixture of Asian, Middle Eastern and international influences.

Where to shop in Dubai – where to go and what to buy

Gigantic shopping malls dominate Dubai making shopping enthusiasts feel they have arrived in shopping paradise. With an endless line of boutiques, charming local stores, exclusive designer boutiques, cheap wholesale stores and handicraft shops, the retail experience in Dubai is better than ever. Luxury is a word that couldn’t be more apt here as spas, cinemas and high-end cafes and restaurants are cleverly mixed in with the shops to ensure you still have the energy for the ultimate shopping spree.

What to see and do in Dubai – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

As the Arab world’s most popular, and the world’s 31st most popular tourism destination, there is no shortage of what you can see and do in Dubai.  From the tranquillity of the deserts to the hubbub of the souks, there is a huge range of attractions and activities for visitors from around the world. In one day, you can see cragged mountains, vast sand dunes, pearly white beaches, traditional villages and luxurious shopping malls. This is Dubai.

Dubai Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

The Creek splits Dubai into two sections, with Deira located to the north and holiday hotspot Jumeirah to the south. Both sides proudly offer visitors an equally impressive range of attractions with stunning mosques, towering hotels and shopping malls all widely available.

Dubai Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

Entertainment in Dubai is as endless as its allure, with a wide range of cultural and modern activities for all types of visitors to enjoy. Thanks to its vast size, golf is a great way to soak up the warm rays of the sun early in the morning and for those with children, the water park is an ideal way to wear off excess energy and cool off at the same time.

Dubai Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Visitors to Dubai should be respectful of local laws and traditions as well as paying attention to the heat. Hats should be worn, sunscreen should be reapplied throughout the day and liquids need to be constantly replenished in order to avoid heat stroke.

Dubai Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

Cuisines from around the globe can be sampled in Dubai with a melting pot of delicious five-star meals through to cheap roadside takeaways. Alcohol can be enjoyed with a meal within hotel restaurants and a mixture of Indian, Middle Eastern and international dishes can be enjoyed for as little or as much as you can afford.

Dubai Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

Shopping enthusiasts will feel as though they have landed in shopping paradise with the city's endless array of shopping opportunities to suit all requirements. Huge shopping malls are surrounded by charming local stores and there are endless designer shops aimed at those with flexible bank balances.

Top 10 luxury experiences in Dubai

With the world’s tallest, largest and flashest, Dubai always thinks big. This guide to luxury Dubai highlights the cream of the crop in the city synonymous with over-the-top.

A Dubai Shopping Festival travel guide – dazzling sales, luxury raffles and fireworks

Snap up quality goods for bargain prices on your Dubai Shopping Festival holiday. Malls and souks overflow with discounted international brands and Arabic handicrafts. Concerts and fireworks make up a busy cultural programme. Dubai hotels are among the most luxurious in the world and are perfect for resting shopped-out feet at the end of the day.

A Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai travel guide – free-fall slides, barrelling waves and Arabian tales

From gravity defying rides to mellow river cruises, a Wild Wadi Water Park holiday in Dubai appeals to all ages. Book a hotel near Wild Wadi Water Park and escape Dubai’s soaring temperatures.

Winter holidays in Dubai

Winter holidays in Dubai mean clear blue skies and warm, sunny days. The cooler days from October to March are a time of festivals and celebrations. Book a winter hotel in Dubai for a full seasonal calendar of events.

Short breaks in Dubai – souqs, heritage and resorts in two days

A Dubai short break promises so much more than sand, sea and shopping. Book a Dubai hotel and experience the best of the city with this two-day itinerary.

Where to stay in Dubai - a travel guide to Dubai's neighbourhoods

Deciding where to stay in Dubai is easy once you know the city layout. Use this neighbourhood guide to choose your Dubai hotel.

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