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A Bengaluru City Guide – a commercial hub with a cultural kick

A leading light in India’s technology trade, Bengaluru – or Bangalore as it’s more commonly known – is a modern, cosmopolitan, vibrant city that will intrigue anyone interested in today's India. Nicknamed “the Garden City of India”, it’s a landscape peppered with pockets of serene green, while its central shopping area is as thriving and electric as any. For an invigorating dose of culture, you’ll find plenty of top attractions to explore.

Nightlife & Entertainment in Bengaluru

While there’s more than enough to keep you busy in Bengaluru during the day, you’ll want to save some energy for the city’s buzzing nightlife. Bengaluru boasts a thriving theatre tradition and a strong live music scene. But if you simply want to unwind with a quiet drink, this modern metropolis also has plenty of elegant bars.

Family Friendly Attractions in Bengaluru

Although Bengaluru’s vast, sprawling size and imposing skyline of glitzy high-rises may make it seem like an intimidating city to explore with the kids, there’s actually plenty of entertaining family-themed attractions situated both centrally and further afield, ranging from lush gardens to dazzling fun-centres.

Arts and Culture in Bengaluru

Bengaluru is known as India's Silicon Valley, but it's also the arts and culture capital of the Karnataka state. As well as being drenched in lush greenery, the city overflows with historical sights including grand palaces to centuries-old forts. Then there are the museums and galleries which showcase everything from ancient archaeological finds to captivating contemporary artwork.

Where to Stay in Bengaluru – a neighbourhood guide

Bengaluru – or Bangalore as most know it – is as popular with tourists as it is with the businessmen and women who flood its commercial districts all year round. Just like its tasty cuisine, the city is bursting with colour and spice. Whether you’re diving into the traditional markets on a budget or looking to splash out at some of southern India’s best high street shops, when it comes to accommodation you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Bengaluru Shopping Guide – where and what to shop and buy

Whether you want to fill up a few bags with the latest in designer apparel or check out a traditional local market complete with India’s trademark hectic and fragrant atmosphere, Bengaluru – or Bangalore as most know it – is just the ticket. From epic malls to rough and ready boutiques, shopping in this sprawling south Indian metropolis is as diverse as it is indulgent. It’s a treat not to be missed.

What to See and Do in Bengaluru – a guide to the city’s attractions

Officially named Bengaluru but known the world over as Bangalore, this huge southern Indian city is bursting with a wealth of contemporary cultural hotspots and historical highlights just waiting to be discovered. The capital of the state of Karnataka, it’s often referred to as the “Garden City of India”, and with it’s many parks and green spaces offering delightful breaks from the vibrant hustle and bustle of the urban sprawl, it’s easy to see why.

Where to Eat in Bengaluru – a food and dining guide

A thriving commercial centre with excellent shopping and famous gardens throughout, Bengaluru – otherwise known as Bangalore – is at the heart of southern Indian culture. As such, it’s brimming with the most heartwarming of places to dine. A famously cosmopolitan metropolis, the city’s cuisine certainly represents its diverse spirit, offering anything from traditional bites served by street vendors to swish Western and Oriental buffets.

Bengaluru Travel Tips

The capital of India’s southwestern Karnataka state, Bengaluru is an immense and sprawling city. Its centre is a thrilling mishmash of restaurants, markets, theatres, and temples, and it seems that around every corner you’ll run into an ornate religious building or historic landmark. If all this urban energy gets too much, you’ll never be far from one of Bengaluru’s Eden-like green-spaces, which offer tranquil areas to unwind.

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