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Penang Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Penang, Malaysia

With its diverse mix of cultures, eclectic cuisine and beach-city status, Penang is a microcosm of Malaysia. Travelers who desire to experience Malaysia but have little time to tour the country, can take a wide angle shot of the country in Penang.

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Penang Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

Penang is widely known for its flavorsome cuisine and massive street food scene. Chinese, Thai, Indian and Indonesian flavors fuse to produce a unique and palatable blend which reflects the multi-cultural nature of Penang.

Penang Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

Penang doesn't even attempt to rival Kuala Lumpur's shopping scene; however, what it lacks in scale, it makes up for in variety. Shoppers can scour the streets of Chinatown and Little India for one-of-a-kind pieces, or trawl the gleaming modern malls in search of a bargain designer catch. There is a lot of ground to cover on Penang's shopping turf.

Penang Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

Penang is a city which not only embraces diversity, but celebrates it. The city's population consists of a varied mix of cultures and ethnicities, and each one has influenced the city significantly. This influence is reflected in every aspect of city life, from its cuisine to its art galleries.

Penang Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

Penang offers visitors a rich blend of interesting architecture, religious and historical sights, and vibrant natural beauty. The historic Georgetown is an interesting place to wander around, its impressive colonial buildings making grand statements about the area's colorful past.

Penang Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Penang is a relatively safe place for travel. However, as in all large cities, crime does exist. Bag snatching is common, but if visitors exercise caution and common sense they should face no problems. Valuables should never be on show and avoiding walking alone in deserted areas is advisable.

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