Kusamba Beach is one of East Bali’s many tranquil and exotic black-sand beaches. It stands outs for its traditional salt farms, which date back almost 1,000 years. The farms are run by the local villagers who also make their living from fishing. On clear mornings, you’ll usually be able to catch a glimpse of the local fishermen going about their daily routines, preparing their nets and working together to haul their jukung (wooden outriggers) out to sea. Meanwhile, another group will usually be busy harvesting salt at plots nearby.

Kusamba Beach and Traditional Salt Farms - one of the highlights of 39 Best Things to Do in Candidasa and East Bali and 9 Best Things to Do in Padangbai (Read all about Bali here)

Salt farming at Kusamba Beach

At Kusamba Beach, you’ll find the salt farmers repetitively fetching seawater in palm leaf buckets on carrying poles, then splashing them out onto the smoothened black sand under the scorching sun. The salt begins to crystallise after several hours of drying. The salt crystals are then scraped off, collected and brought inside huts for the filtration processes. Besides witnessing the techniques, you can also bargain for and purchase packets of salt directly from the farmers for very reasonable prices.

Kusamba Beach and Traditional Salt Farms

Location: Jalan Kusanegara, Dawan, Klungkung, Bali 80761, Indonesia

Ari Gunadi | Compulsive Traveller